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It is with great sadness and sorrow that we learned about the death of the engineer, political analyst, activist, writer and life-long server of the Palestine national cause

DAKKAK, IBRAHIM (1929-2016)

Born on 13 March 1929 in Jerusalem; studied Mathematics and Science at the American University in Cairo (B.Sc., 1952) and Civil Engineering at the Robert College in Istanbul (B.Sc., 1961); worked as a teacher in Kuwait from 1952-1959; from 1961-65, worked as engineer in Amman; became managing director of the Engineering Construction Co. in Jerusalem from 1965-67; in 1967, co-founded the Palestinian National Liberation Front (which was active until 1972); founding director and secretary of Al-Maqassed Society, 1967-68; led the West Bank Engineering Association from 1967-1987; chief engineer on the Al-Aqsa restoration project during 1969-1977; in 1977, founder and proprietor since of the engineering firm Dakkak and Associates, Jerusalem; co-founder of various Palestinian institutions, including the Arab Thought Forum, whose chair he was from 1981-1991, and the National Guidance Committee, as whose secretary he served from 1978-82; founding member of the Council for Higher Education and Chairman of its general assembly from 1977-87; member of the Board of Trustees of the Abu Dis College of Science and Technology since 1981; member of the Islamic Committee since 1985; member of the International Coordinating Committee on Palestine, 1987-89; member of the Board of Trustees of BZU since 1987; Trustee of the Institute for Palestine Studies since 2001; worked on the launch of the Palestinian National Initiative with Mustafa Barghouti and Haidar Abdel-Shafi in 2002; chaired the Board of Trustees of Birzeit University in 2005; Deputy Chairman of the Faisal Husseini Foundation; became Chair of the Palestinian Advisory Committee to the Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) in 2009; served on the board of the Jerusalem Prize committee for the Shoman Foundation and as consultant to the Ministry of Education and to other Palestinian developmental projects; member of PECDAR’s Board of Governors; published various studies on Jerusalem and the question of development and housing; died in Jerusalem on 4th June 2016.

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