Documents on Palestine and Jerusalem (2006-2007)

In 1996-97, PASSIA undertook a project consisting of the compilation of documents, statements and other resources on the Palestine Question in general and on the issue of Jerusalem in particular with the intention to provide a comprehensive resource work on the evolution and course of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from pre-Ottoman times until the most recent history for researchers and anyone else interested in the subject matter.


The outcome was a volume of documents on Jerusalem and two on Palestine, which contained the full or partial texts (relevant excerpts) of several hundreds of statements, documents and reso­lutions, displaying the attitudes, positions and proposals taken or made throughout history by various key players, mediators and international bodies. Due to the great success of those volumes and the fact that they were still demanded but out of print, PASSIA embarked on a new, follow-up project to publish a revised, updated edition with a large number of new and additional documentary records.


As a result, PASSIA published two sets of documents:


  • Eight volumes on Palestine, providing an overview of the general positions of the different parties involved in the Palestine-Israel conflict, listing the full texts or extracts of numerous statements, documents, and resolutions relating to the Palestine Question as they have evolved throughout history, covering the period from the Pre-Ottoman/Ottoman Era until the Annapolis Conference in late 2007.




  • four volumes on Jerusalem, listing the full texts or extracts related to the issue of Jerusalem of over 340 statements, documents, and resolutions mirroring the different attitudes towards Jerusalem as they have evolved throughout history. They were arranged by source of origin (e.g., Jewish, Christian, Muslim, European, US, Palestinian, Israeli, Arab, UN, etc.) and, within each sub-category, in chronological order.