PASSIA employs a small core team which handles the execution of all PASSIA projects, research and administration. Other staff (researchers, editors, translators or program assistants) is hired as needed or commissioned for specific tasks related to PASSIA projects. The PASSIA team is regularly supported by interns and volunteers.

Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi - Chairman

Political scientist; historian; columnist; author; founder and member of various Palestinian, Arab and International institutions; head and founder of PASSIA, Jerusalem.

Deniz Altayli, Program Director

M.A. Sociology (with Economics and Political Science), Heidelberg University, Germany

Hind Husseini, Administration

B.A. English Language and Translation, Applied Science University, Jordan

Wala’ Abu-Ghannam​​​​​​​, Project Coordinator

MA in English Literature, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Imad Farrah, IT Consultant

B.A. Information Technology; Al-Quds University, Jerusalem.

Wa'el Sa'adi , Auditor (C.P.A)

B.A Accounting & Economics; M.B.A Business Administration; Hebrew University of Jerusalem.