Training and Education in International Affairs:
Japan, Palestine and the Middle East (1999)
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Table of Content

Introduction and Seminar Program

Opening Remarks and Orientation
Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi and Dr. Rosemary Hollis

Pre-Modern History of Japan
Prof. Ben-Ami Shillony

Modern History of Japan
Prof. Ben-Ami Shillony

The Political System of Contemporary Japan
 Prof. Ikuo Kume

The Decision-Making Process in Japan
 Prof. Ikuo Kume

Economic Development in Japan in 1990s
 Prof. Osamu Nariai

Japan, the Asian Economy and the Current Crisis
 Prof. Osamu Nariai

Japan's Software Industry
Kazuhiko Adachi

Trends in Japanese High Technology Ventures
 Kazuhiko Adachi

Overview: The Axis of Japan's Foreign Policy
 HE Yoshiji Nogami

Political Relations between Japan and the Middle East
 Prof. Akifumi Ikeda

Japanese Policy in the Middle East -
With a Focus on Japan's New Approach Toward the Region

Raquel Shaoul

Promotion of Private Investment in the Middle East -
 A Japanese Perspective

Yoshiki Hatanaka

Factors of Economic Success in Japan and Asia -
Implications for the West Bank and Gaza Strip

 Yoshiki Hatanaka

Japan's Contribution to Palestinian Society
 Katsuyoshi Hayashi

Appendices Appendix A: Lecture Program and Lecturers

Appendix B: Palestinian Participants

Appendix C: Reading Material

Appendix D: Japan at a Glance