The European union

The 1995 PASSIA seminar on The European Union formed part of PASSIA’s
annual pro gram on Training and Education in International Affairs. The
seminar aimed at educating Palestinian graduates about the EU, its member
states, its institutions, the single market, and common policies with focus on
the EU’s position vis-à-vis the Arab-Israeli conflict. The seminar was followed
by a field trip to European countries and the EU Commission in Brussels for six
of the participants with the aim of enabling them to deepen their knowledge,
establish contacts and gain first-hand experience. The report contains the
proceedings of the seminar including summaries of all lectures, workshops and discussions, statistical and other background information on all EU member
states, and a description of the field trip to Europe, including summaries about
meetings held and topics discussed. The appendix includes a reading list, notes
on the lecturers and participants, EU documents relevant to the Middle East in
general and the Palestine Question in particular, and a map.

March 1, 1996