Civil Society Empowerment: Governance Issues in Palestine – Rule of Law, Democracy, Decentralization, State-Society Relations

Another focus of PASSIA’s Civil Society Empowerment project was Promoting
Good Governance. Combining both research and workshops, the project
aimed to assist in the search for good governance practices that will help
promote the adherence of the public sector to democratic values and foster
respect of the rule of law in the emerging Palestinian state through initiating
a constructive dialogue with national and foreign actors. This book contains
the proceedings and recommendations of the four subprograms - the Rule
of Law, Democracy & Democratization, De centralization & Local Government,
and State-Society Relations – with regard to Palestinian society and offers
an assessment of the tasks and priorities ahead. The analytical-descriptive
part of this booklet is followed by a selected bibliography for each of the
above topics and a comprehensive web-guide offering further research
recommendations for all those interested in the subject matter.

July 1, 2004