PASSIA Diary 2017

The PASSIA Diary 2017 updated Directory,
listing the address, phone & fax numbers, e-mail and websites of Palestinian & international institutions working in Palestine to meet everyday needs, carefully updated in an easily accessible format, such as:

-Government Ministries and agencies
-Academic & Research Centers
-Associations & Unions
-Charitable Institutions
-Cultural Centers
-Democracy, Peace & Community Development Centers
-Economic, Educational & Financial Institutions
-Media Agencies
-Diplomatic Missions
-Human Rights & Law Centers
-Health Organizations
-Religious Forums
-Offices & Institutions of the Service Sector
-Women's Organizations
-Youth & Sport Clubs

The PASSIA Diary 2017 updated Agenda,
offers a great deal of information and facts & figures on the various aspects of Palestinian society & the Palestinian Question. Statistical data is presented in tables with illustrative graphs & charts and a chronology of last year's events.

-Palestine: History
-Israeli Occupation
-Land & Settlements
-Water & Environment
-Government & Administration
-A special section on Jerusalem
-A chronological review about the Year That Was (2016)
-A variety of historical and contemporary Maps of Palestine.

Jan. 1, 2017