Religious Dialogue - PASSIA Meetings 1996-1998, edited by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi. Jerusalem: PASSIA

Dialogue on Jerusalem

First Edition - November 1998 (English, pp. 187)
Dialogue on Abraham
First Edition - January 1999 (English, pp. 57)

Dialogue on Palestinian State-Building and Identity
January 1999, (English, pp. 128)

Religious Dialogue
March 1999, (English, pp. 81)

Dialogue on Foreign Policies towards the Middle East And Palestine
First Edition July 1999 ( English, pp.124)

Dialogue on Moslem Christian Relations In Palestine
First Edition Dec 1999 ( Arabic, pp.169)

The Issue of Collaborators in Palestine
February 2001 (Arabic/English, pp. 101)

Moslem - Christian Dialogue In Jerusalem
First Edition Dec 2001 ( Arabic, pp.263)

March 1, 1999