Israeli Settlement Policy in Jerusalem: Creating Facts on the Ground

This book attempts to draw a distinction between the spiritual connections to Jerusalem and the implications of the modern political struggle for the sovereignty on the city and its residents. This work puts aside spiritual considerations and focuses on showing the reader the facts on the ground. It is designed as a tool for understanding how Israeli policy works in Jerusalem, specifically how settlement activity in the city relates to the larger Israeli agenda. Unlike other guidebooks on Jerusalem, which attempt to give the visitor a comprehensive picture of the city, the sole focus of this work is the impact of these policies on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The intent in presenting this information in the format
of a ‘guidebook’ is to provide interested groups and individuals with the facts and figures needed to interpret the changes that have taken place in Jerusalem since 1948. The information presented
here is neither secret nor subversive. It represents a well-researched collection of historical information and published statistics that describe the issue of settlements. It will be a useful companion for journalists, peace activists, foreign NGO employees, alternative travel or church groups, and other tourists and individuals concerned with the future of Jerusalem and the peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

This book assumes a basic knowledge of the history and politics of Jerusalem since 1948. It includes historical summaries of the essential issues, maps and statistics and has a comprehensive appendix with tips for visitors to Israeli settlements, as well as contact and resource information.

If reviewed before an excursion, the different chapters will help place the sites visited in the current political context. Each chapter begins with important statistical information pertaining to the chapter’s focus and includes a brief introduction to the issue. In the annex, one then can find tips detailing where to go to witness the policy effects or find additional information. The main body of each chapter contains annotated text highlighting key sites or components of Israeli policy. Major sites or terms are highlighted in bold to facilitate the location of key pieces of information. The data collected in this work was compiled between 1996 and 1998. The statistics reflect the situation on the ground as of July 1998. However, the historical information and the basic picture remain the same.

Dec. 1, 1999
List of Contents:



Chapter 1: Palestinian West Jerusalem - The City Before 1948

Chapter 2: The Old City of Jerusalem – Inside Its Walls

Chapter 3: Israeli Settlements in East Jerusalem Since 1967

Chapter 4: Palestinian Neighborhoods in East Jerusalem

Chapter 5: Greater Jerusalem

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