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2 August 2013
His Holiness Pope Francis' Message on the occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan
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19 June 2013  
8 May 2013  


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New Article / 2013

What’s behind Abbas’ decision to resume negotiations?
By Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi
25 July 2013


Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation: What is possible?
By Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi
11 July 2013

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Release of new Brochure:
Guide to Al-Aqsa Mosque


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The Key to the Two-State Solution
by PASSIA Research Team English, French.

The Road to Palestinian Statehood.
A Review of a People’s Struggle for
National Independence,
by PASSIA Research Team

The Second Arab Awakening.
A Historical Background,
by Dr. Mahdi Abdul-Hadi

The Vatican and Jerusalem,
by Elodie Farge

People of the Book,
by PASSIA Research Team

Jerusalemite Hajj Paintings and Plates,
by Hafida Talhaoui

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