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In 2004, PASSIA initiated a new project entitled Palestinian-Israeli Impasse - Exploring Solutions to the Palestine-Israel Conflict. The impetus for this project is the fact that the conflict in Israel/Palestine has been continuing for more than a hundred years with all initiatives and negotiations to date failing to deliver a solution. Today, Palestinians face a situation where negotiations have stalled and Israel continues unabated its policy of suppression and establishing irreversible facts on the ground, whilst the international community is unable to bring about a settlement consistent with international law and UN Security Council resolutions. An increasing number of voices claim that the two-state solution – pursued in various forms over the last five decades – has been effectively pre-empted by the deliberate strategies of recent Israeli governments.

Against this background and in building on its past activities in related subject matters, this PASSIA project aims to examine whether, or to what degree, the two-state consensus is “dead” and to explore the feasibility of alternative proposals – such as bi-national or federal systems or scenarios involving Jordan and other states – without necessarily promoting them.

The objective of this project is to promote serious dialogue and discussion of the options facing the two communities over the course of the next few years, and to provide a detailed analysis of the prospects for each of the various possibilities for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

The project consists of a research component (position papers) and dialogue sessions, the proceedings of which will be published in a book.

Meetings & WorkshopsMeetings Program:

2004 / 2005

All meetings were attended by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Yousef Salman, and Sana’ Shannak

February 23, PASSIA, Jerusalem
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The Bi-National Idea in Palestine/Israel: Conceptual Framework and the Contemporary Debate

Speaker: Dr. As’ad Ghanem, Haifa University

Participant(s): Ann Le More, UNSCO, Jerusalem; Walid Assali, Lawyer; Mohammed Nusseibeh, Higher Islamic Council; François Osete and Alban Biaussat, European Commission; Hanan Aruri, UNDP; Raja Eghbaryeh, Abnaa El-Balad Movement, Umm Al- Fahm; Richard Colvin, Canadian Representative Office, Ramallah; Dr. René Klaff, Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, Jerusalem; José Ferreira da Fonseca, Portuguese Representative Office; Hanlie Booysen, South African Representative Office; Peter Schäfer, FES; Germana Nijim and Katherine Nichols, Sabeel; Niall Holohan, Irish Representative Office; Nick Kardahji, Deniz Altayli, Mahdi Abdul Hadi, PASSIA.


March 25, 2004, PASSIA, Jerusalem
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  Is the Two-State Solution Viable?


Speaker: Dr. Gary Sussman, Tel Aviv University.

Participant(s): Peter Schäfer, Project Coordinator, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation (FES); Fadia Daibes, Water Consultant; Diana Buttu, Legal Advisor to the PLO; Niall Holohan, Head, Irish Representative Office; Hanlie Booysen, Deputy, South African Representative Office; Michèle Auga, Director, FES; Andreas Deschler, Consultant, Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation (FNF); Renè Klaff, Director, FNF; Muhammad Jadallah, Physician; Walid Assali, Lawyer; Lana Abu Saud, Student; Azzam Abu Saud, Economist; Muhammad Nusseibeh, Higher Islamic Council; Jamal Al-Aref, Deputy, ANERA; Nasser Abu Farha, Anthropologist; Khaled Z. Husseini, NSU; Khalil Assali, Voice of America; Anthony Richter, Open Society Institute; Abdul Rahman Abu Arafeh, Director, Arab Thought Forum.


April 01, 2004, PASSIA, Ramallah
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  The two State Solution – Argument and Political Consequences


Speaker: Dr. Salim Tamari, Director Institute of Jerusalem Studies.

Participant(s): Peter Schäfer, FES; Othman Abu Gharbiyyeh, Palestinian Authority – General Security; Shurouq Harb, Teacher; Ahmed Harb, Birzeit University; Ayman Yousef, The Arab American University, Jenin; Hijazi Natsheh, Digital Palestine; Mamdouh Nofal, Writer, Ramallah; Taleb Awad, Muwatin; Sa'ed Abdul Hadi, Nasher; Mouin Rabbani, Researcher; Samer Fares, Birzeit University; Nadia Hajal, Coordinator, Palestine Peace Coalition; Mamdouh Aker, Physician; Hani Al-Masri, General Director, Ministry of Information; Hanan Ashrawi, PLC Member, Director, Miftah; Wafa' Abdul Rahman, Miftah; Lubna Hammad, Lawyer; Faisal Awartani, Director, Alpha; Rawan Issa, Raed Malki, Canadian Representative Office, Ramallah; Areej Al-Yousef, Mahdi Abdul Hadi, PASSIA


April 26, 2004, PASSIA, Jerusalem
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  Two States in a Federal Union


Speaker: Nasser Abu Farha, University of Wisconsin

Participant(s): Catherine Nichols, Sabeel; Xavier Pelletier, French Consulate; Layla Kaiksow, Palestine Fair Trade Association, Manuel Schubert, Konrad-Adenauer Foundation (KAF), Ramallah; Elisabeth Petersen, Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung (FES); Katharina Friedrich, FES; Peter Schäfer, FES; Michèle Auga, Director, FES; Mohammed Nusseibeh, Engineer; Samer Nusseibeh, Engineer; Walid Assali, Lawyer; Adnan Abdul Razeq; Hana Hasan, ECHO; Alban Biaussat, European Commission Office; Amit Leshem, Van Leer Institute; Abdul Rahman Abu Arafeh, Director, Arab Thought Forum; Mohammed Shadid, Welfare Association; Ibrahim Daibes, Journalist; Caroline Vanquaethem, Volunteer, Youth Development Department (YDD), Arab Studies Society; Albert Aghazerian, Lecturer and Consultant, Jerusalem; Zaki Abu Halaweh, Journalist; Ishaq Al-Qutub, Al-Quds University; Nick Kardahji, Deniz Altayli, Mahdi Abdul Hadi, PASSIA.


May 12, 2004, PASSIA, Ramallah


  The Extraterritorial State and the Question of Refugees


Speaker: Dr. Sari Hanafi, Director, Shaml – Palestinian Diaspora and Refugee Center, Ramallah

Participant(s): Luay Shabaneh, ACSP- Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS); Taysir Zabri, Hurriyyat; Salim Tamari, Sociology Researcher; Raed Malki, Canadian International Development Agency (Cida); Gabi Baramki, Ministry of Education and Higher Education; Khalil Nijem, General Director, Spatial Planning, Ministry of Planning; Faisal Awartani, General Manager, Alpha International For Polling, Research and Informatics; Ayman Yousef, Lecturer, The Arab American University, Jenin; Adeeb Ziadeh, Teacher; Nisreen Awad, Student; Nadia Hajal, Geneva Initiative, Civil Society Coordinator; Michèle Auga, Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung (FES); Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Nick Kardahji, PASSIA


May 20, 2004, PASSIA, Ramallah



Islam and a future Palestinian State


Speaker(s): Dr. Abdul Rahman Abad; Sheikh Jamil Hamami

Participant(s): Nora Carmi, Coordinator, Women's Programs, Sabeel; Hanlie Booysen, Deputy, South African Representative Office, Ramallah; Fadia Daibes, Consultant, Water Policy; Terry Bullata, New Generation School; Albert Aghazerian, Lecturer and Consultant, Jerusalem; Ibrahim Daibes, Journalist; Sari Hanafi, Director, Shaml Center, Ramallah; Walid Assali, Lawyer; Rafiq Husseini, Welfare Association; Muhammad Jadallah, Physician; Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Fadi Kiblawi, Nick Kardahji, PASSIA.


June 09, 2004, PASSIA, Ramallah


  Economic Issues in the One- and Two-State Scenarios


Speaker: Dr. Hisham Awartani, Director, Center for Private Sector Development, Ramallah

Participant(s): Gabi Baramki, Consultant; Abdullah Abu Shaweesh, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Sam Bahour, Consultant; Hazem Kawasmi, GTZ Consultant; Ziad Karableih, Ministry of Economy; Haifa' Baramki, Director, Education in Life; Chris August, General Manager, Palestine Development Fund; Amer Nour, Researcher, Economist; Maher Awartani, Student; Mahmoud Takruri, General Manager, Palestine Mortgage and Housing Corporation; Othman Nabhan, Ministry of Finance; Faisal Awartani, Director, Alpha International, Ramallah; Ghada Abdul Hadi, Hawa Center, Nablus; Delia Salemi, Student; Majid Rabi, Researcher; Hatem Amin, Researcher; Mahdi Abdul Hadi, PASSIA.


June 16, 2004, PASSIA, Jerusalem


  The Future of the Settlements in a Two-State or or One-State Solution


Speaker: Prof. Ian Lustick, University of Pennsylvania

Participant(s): Peter Schäfer, Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung (FES); José Fonseca, Head, Portuguese Representative Office; Ronnie Chatah, UNRWA; Naim Ateek, Priest, Sabeel; Mais Zuhaika, Faisal Husseini Foundation; Walid Assali, Lawyer; Jordan Stanciv, United States Consulate; Eric Sherman, School of Public Policy (JFK); Mustafa Abu Sway, Al-Quds University; Ibrahim Sha'ban, Lecturer; Jean Jacques Joris, Swiss Representative Office, Ramallah; Amit Leshem, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem; Manal Musallam, Student; Hubert De Senarclens, Tourist; Emmanuelle de Foy, Belgian Consulate; Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Nick Kardahji, Fadi Kiblawi, PASSIA




June 21, 2004, PASSIA, Jerusalem

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  Islam and the Bi-National State


Ahmed Abu Lafi, Lecturer, Al-Quds University, Jerusalem

Participant: Mohammed ‘Ali, Lecturer at the Faculty of Quranic and Islamic Studies, Al-Quds University; Sa'el ‘Ali, Al-Furqan School; Mais Zuheikeh, Faisal Husseini Foundation, Jerusalem; Sandy Hilal, Engineer; Peter Shafer, Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung (FES); ‘Ikrima Sabri, Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine; Abdul Azeem Salhab, Head, Council for Waqf and Islamic Affairs; Mohammed Hussein, Director, Al-Aqsa Mosque; Ibrahim Sabri, Member, Shari'a Appeal Court; Mustafa Abu Sway, Al-Quds University; Almu'iz LadinAllah Nashashiby, Engineer; Mohammed Nusseibeh; Islamic Waqf, Samer Nusseibeh, Engineer; Adnan Husseini, Islamic Waqf; Musa Dweik, Dean, School of Law, Al-Quds University; Salah Abu ‘Arafeh, Advertising; Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Sana' Shannak, PASSIA.


July 14, 2004, PASSIA, Jerusalem
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  Territorial Exchange Between Israel, Egypt & the Future Palestinian State


Speaker: Prof. Yehoshua Ben – Arie, Geographer, Truman Institute of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Participant(s): Fadia Daibes, Consultant; Yitzhak Reiter, Truman Institute, Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Albert Aghazarian, Researcher; Lisa Perlman, Truman Institute, Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Suzanne Rutland, Assoc Prof, University of Sydney, Austria; Safa Abu Asab, Program Manager, Diakonia; Fadi Al-Hidmi, Welfare Association; Mustafa Abu Sway, Professor, Al Quds University; Hanlie Booysen,Diplomat, South African Representative Office; Marian Houk; Niall Holohan, Diplomat, Ireland Representative Office, Ramallah; Steve Hibbard, Canadian Representative Office, Ramallah; Mohammed Nuseibeh, Member HigherIslamic Council; Orayb Najjar, Associate Professor-JOUR; Rima Merriman, Tokten Communications; Khalil Assali, Radio Sawa; Jean Jaques Joris, Diplomat, Switzerland, Ramallah; Samia Khoury, Volunteer; Catherine Nicolas, Al Sabeel; Jumana AZ Jaouni, British Counsulate.


July 28, 2004, PASSIA, Jerusalem
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  Confederation Options in the Palestine-Israel Conflict


Speaker: Professor Asher Susser, Director and Senior Research Fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of Middle Eastern and African History at Tel Aviv University

Participant(s): Amit Leshem, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem; Steve Goldman, Professor, Philosopher; Shulamit Laron, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem; Munther Dajani, Professor, Al-Quds University; Nabil Al-Jabari, Dentist; Roland Friedrich, Political Scientist; Steve Hibbard, Canadian Representative Office, Ramallah; Mahmoud Jadallah, Physician; Hanlie Booysen, South African Representative Office, Ramallah; Abed Abu Diab.



August 4, 2004, PASSIA, Jerusalem
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  Land, Borders & Constitutional Features for Alternative Solutions


Speaker: Fadi Kiblawi; Law School, George Washington University, Washington DC

Participant(s): Jamal El Aref, Deputy Middle East Representative , ANERA; Tanory Ateek, Student; Sari Ateek, Student; Daniel Gonzalez, Computer Programmer; Sonia Gonzalez, Economist; Ines Mazarrasa, Economist; Albert Ucelay, Consulate General, Spain; Safa Abu Asab, Program Manager, Diakonia; Ron Dvdoi, Researcher; Karl O'Connor, Student; Bayan Hamid, Student; Fadia Daibs, Water Law, Policy Consultant; Sarah Hamid, Student; Anna Sanders, Teacher; Joshua Storck, Software Engineer.



September 1st, 2004, PASSIA, Jerusalem



  Negotiating “The Holy land” – Beyond the Two- State Scenario


Speaker: Diana Buttu Lawyer, Negotiation Support Unit (NSU)

Participant(s): Peter Sehafes, Program Coordinator, FES; Rene Ulaff, Project Director; Karim Naffa’, Lawyer; Ibrahim Sha’ban, Lecturer; Hanna Siniora, Journalist; Thomas Nue, Economist; ANERA, Rana Bishara, Consultant, Welfare Association; Muhammad Halayka, Consultant, Welfare Association; Emmanuelle De Foy, Belgian Consulate; Iyad Masrouji, Business Man; Juliana Johan, International Relations Analyst; Zahra Khalidi, Information Coordinator.



October 12, 2004, PASSIA, Ramallah



  Binationalism & Federalism - Comparative Experiences: Ireland and others


Speaker: Prof. John Coakley, Department of Politics,
National University of Ireland, Dublin

Participant(s): John Logan, History Professor; T.J.LEE, History Professor; Shuruq Harb; Dalal Erakat, Amal Dajani, Consultant; Hamed Tamimi, Advisor, Palestinian Center for Dialogue; Omar Faqih, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mohammed Yaghi, PCMC; Tareq Hardan, Al Amin Adv.; Khalid Bandak, Grand Hotel, Bethlehem; Dina Asfour, Irish Representative Office, Ramallah; Colm O’ Conaill, Irish Representative Office, Ramallah; Salam Hamdan, Ministry of Women Affairs (MOWA); Samir Awad, BirZeit; Dina Farouni, Prime Minister’s Office; Abdul Afu Aker, Department of National and International Relations, Nablus; Abdullah Khalifeh, Alex Maskey, Ireland



18 November 2004, PASSIA, Jerusalem



  “ISFALUR” (Israel, Falastin, and Urdon)
A Benelux Scheme


Speaker: Lova Eliav; Former General Secretary of the Israeli Labor Party

Participant(s): Hermina Damons, EAPPI; Hannah Rought-Brooks, EAPPI; Ibrahim Daibes, Journalist; Dr. Arafat Hidmi, Chairman, Board of Directors, Makassed Society; Eva Halling, EAPPI; Christine Cannon, EAPPI; Yossi Alpher; Musa Budeiri, Teacher, BirZeit University; Amit Lechem, Vanleer Institute, Jerusalem; Niall Holohan, Head, Irish Representative, Ramallah; Emmanuelle de Foy, Consul, Political Affairs, Belgium Consulate; Elise Aghazarian; Hayat Alami, PASSIA.



07 February 2005, PASSIA, Ramallah


  The Economic Aspects of Palestinian-Israeli-Jordanian Future Relations


Sam Bahour
Head, Applied Information Management (AIM), Ramallah

Sa’ad O. Khatib
Director of Trade Policy, PALTRADE

Discussant: Samir Huleileh
Chariman of the Board, PALTRADE
Participant(s): Ruba Abu Roqtti, Program Manager; Iyad Masrouji, Manager, Masrouji Company; Royce Kuzwayo, Sarep; Phadime Choshane, Sarep; Edward Stephan, Sarep; Lu’ai Shabaneh, ACSP; Sam Bahour, AIM; Samir Hulileh, Chairman; L.Mocc, Austrian Representative Office; Andrea Merli, Bethlehem University; Niall Holohan, Irish Representative Office, Ramallah




24 February 2005, AMBASSADOR HOTEL, Jerusalem (organized by PASSIA)
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  One- or Two-State Sovereignty for Palestine and Israel: Feasibilities, Options, Prospects & Conditions


Jan de Jong
Geographer and Land Planning Expert

Participant(s): Ishaq Al-Qutub, Sociology Professor; Gul Joya Jafri, CIDA, Ottawa; John Bell, University of Toronto; Barbra Plett, Journalist, BBC; Fadi Al Hidmi, Welfare; Tamer Maliha, Lawyer, PCG; Mouin Rabbani, Researcher; Janet Lahr Louis, Sabeel; Meir Margalit, ICAHD; James Sevitt, Dorot; Hani Ghosheh, Manager, Jerusalem Electric Company; Cathrine Nicholas, Sabeel; Phadime Choshane, Diplomat, South African Representative Office, Ramallah; Niall Holohan, Irish Representative; Timothy Edelnart, US Consulate; Lea Valault, Swiss Representative Office, Peacebuilding Advisor; Barbra Surk, Delo Newspaper; Andy Pring, Volunteer, Sabeel; Birgitta Albons, Journalist, Sweden; Leonard Moll, Austrian Representative, Ramallah; Irene Salenson, Student; Chris Ferguson, WCC, Jerusalem Rep; Jose Ferre de la Pena, Consul General of Spain; Rawan Issa, Networking for Peace; Lamis Alawi, Research Coordinator; Julieta Carrera, Sociologist, Institut Francais de Geopolitics; Albert Aghazerian, Translator; Karene Sanchez, Historic; Michael Tarazi, NAD; Tom Neu, Anera; Diana Buttu, Nad; Maia Hallward, PhD Candidate; Nabil Naomneh, PhD Candidate; Mahmoud Abu Ghazaleh, Jerusalem Electric Company; Raed Yaghmour, Architect Planners, PCG; Azzam Abu Sa’oud, Chamber of Commerce, Valentina De Bernard, UNRWA Research Office; Graham Usher, Journalist; Fou’ad Hallaq, Advisor, NSU; Anwar Darkazally, Legal Advisor, NSU; Lamya’ Mansour, Accountant; Deniz Altayli, Elise Aghazerian, Hayat Alami, Sana Shannak, Mahmoud Abu Rumeileh, PASSIA.




24 March 2005, Best Eastern Hotel, Ramallah (organized by PASSIA)

Jan de Jong
Power Point Presentation
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  One- or Two-State Sovereignty for Palestine and Israel: Feasibilities, Options, Prospects & Conditions


Jan de Jong
Geographer and Land Planning Expert

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26 March 2005, Best Eastern Hotel, Ramallah (organized by PASSIA)
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التغطية الإعلامية التي نشرت في  جريدة
 الحياة الجديدة الفلسطينية
بتاريخ 27/3/2005


  Palestine, Jordan and Israel between
(Con-)Federation and Separation

Dr. Musa Braizat
Ambassador, Jordanian Permanent Representative to the UN, Geneva

Mr. Maher Masri
PLC Member
Dr. Manuel Hassassian
Vice-President, Bethlehem University
Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi
Chairman, PASSIA

Participant(s): Dr. Mamdouh Al-Aker, Physician, Commissioner General, PICCR; Fadia Daibes, Consultant; Mohammed Ghaith, Wafa; Nesreen, Al Hayat Al Jadida Newspaper; Rasha Barghouti, President; Omar Faqih, Mofa; Ahmed Al-Qasim, Director; Ma’moun Silmi, Director; Radwan Yassin, School Principle; George Bahu, Pharmacist; Tareq Touqan, Lawyer; Thuqan Qishawi, Consultant; Clemens Messerschmid, Hydrogeologist; Mohammed Nusseibeh, Engineer; Samer Nusseibeh, Engineer; Hazem Kawasmi, GTZ; Omar Salhi, DAI; Marian Stefan, Diplomat; Somicls Abbas, Manager; Farida Amad, Director, In’ash Society; Rima Saba, Planning Consultant; Ghazaleh Arar, GUPT; Faisal Awartani, Lecturer, BZU; Phadime Schoshane, Diplomat, South African Representative, Ramallah; Muhannad Jaouni, US Consulate; Sa’ed Zahran, Treejop; Suleiman Burqawi, Physician; Mohamed Rantisi, Al Ra’ey; Sam Bahour; Wladrui L’ornetsson, French Consulate; Muzna Shihabi, Student; Dr.Munjed Saleh, Director; Laila Jammal, Director General; Ahmed Suboh, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Information; Amin Ghosheh, Vocational Tra. Exp.; Raid Malki, Canadian Representative Office, Ramallah; Anis Barghouti, Retired; Abdul Fattah Ghanem, Meethaq Party; Hilal Malhis, Legal Translator; Lu’ay Shabaneh, President; Dana Jamjoum, Project Coordinator; Siza Nicwana, South African Representative; Hana Barghouti, Chief of General Education; Lily Habash, PNO, Prime Minister’s Office; Ghanem Nusseibeh, Civil Engineer; Marie Abdel Rahman; Muntaser Nofal, Lawyer; Bassem El-Wazir, Managing Director, PC Fund; Dr.Marin Albu, Romanian Representative; Tom Kay, Architect, BZU




06 April 2005, PASSIA, Jerusalem
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  Thinking Out of the Box: A Middle East Union?


Dr. Jeff Halper
Coordinator, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) and Professor of Anthropology

Participant(s): Claudia Martinez Mansell, Student, Birzeit University; Lucia Pizarro, International Coordinator (PhD), ICAHD; Royce Kuzwayo, South African Representative Office; Mitzi Gardiner, SOAS, University of London; Renata Capella, Coordinator, EU, Hum.Secr; Hirayama, Professor, Japan; Niall Holohan, Irish Representative, Ramallah; Khalil Assali, Radio Sawa; Suad Younan, Principle, Helen Keller Center; Anna Younan, Executive Assistant; Samia Khoury, Volunteer, Sabeel; Chris Ferguson, Jerusalem Representative, World Council of Churches, Deniz Altayli, Elise Aghazarian, PASSIA.



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