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Part I: Civl Society - Conceptual Framework, Evolution in the Middle East and the Palestinian Case

1. The Significance of Civil Society in Contemporary World Affairs (I) - Western Political Theory
Prof. Hugh MacDonald

2. The Significance of Civil Society in Contemporary World Affairs (II) - Global Governance, Development and Change
Prof. Hugh MacDonald

3. The Concept and Evolution of Civil Society in the Middle East: Experiences, Prospects, Constraints
Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim

4. Governance, Civil Society and State-Building in Palestine
Dr. Salim Tamari

Part II: Strategic Planning and Institutional Development

5. What is Strategic Planning? (Key Issues)
Zainab Salbi

6. The Strategic Planning Cycle
Zainab Salbi

7. Organization and Management of NGOs – The Mandate, the Vision and the Mission
Zainab Salbi

8. Environmental Assessment for Organizations
Zainab Salbi

9. Concepts and Approaches to Institutional Development:The Organization
Heba El-Shazli

10. Concepts and Approaches to Institutional Development: Human Resources and Fundraising
Heba El-Shazli

11. The Palestinian Experience in Strategic Planning
Dr. Samih Abed

12. Experiences in Strategic Planning and Institutional Development for Private Voluntary Organizations
      A Case Study from Jordan

Dr. Riad Al-Khoury

Part III: Monitoring and Evaluation as Part of The Planning Process

13. Monitoring and Evaluation - An Introduction to the Palestinian Context
Dr. Ishaq Al-Qutub

14. Monitoring and Evaluation – Framework and Tools
Dr. Ishaq Al-Qutub

15. Monitoring and Evaluation - The Program Cycle
Dr. Ishaq Al-Qutub

16. Implementation Skills
Dr. Ishaq Al-Qutub

17. Statistics for the Baseline Survey – An Introduction
Dr. Faisal Awartani

18. Surveys and Sampling
Dr. Faisal Awartani


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