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26-30 may 2007



Lecture Program


DAY ONE: Saturday, 26 May 2007


  Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi

9.30-10.00         Welcoming Address / Opening Remarks
                              Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of PASSIA, Jerusalem

10.00-11.30       Introduction

      • Definition of ‘party’ and ‘party system’
      • Formation of parties: what purposes/functions do they serve?
      • Parties vs. other political actors (e.g., social movements/interest groups, etc.).
      • Role of parties and their differences in democratic and non-democratic systems.
      • The role of political parties in emerging democracies.
      • Party systems and their origins (historical legacies, social cleavages, etc.)
      • Formation and establishment of opposition parties within the party system
      • Party System in Palestine – Historical Overview

               Dr. Ali Jirbawi, Professor of Political Science, Birzeit University.

    Dr. Ali Jirbawi


11.30-11.45       Break


11.45-13.15       Introduction, contd.
                            Dr. Ali Jirbawi


13.15-14.15       Lunch


14.15-15:45       Party Formation (I)

      • Social cleavages and their transformation into political cleavages/programs. 
      • Why do new parties form?
      • Impact of the institutional and political environment on the formation of parties

George Giacaman




                        George Giacaman,Director of Muwatin, Ramallah


DAY TWO: Sunday, 27 May 2007




9.15-10.45         Party Formation (II): Legal and constitutional frameworks

      • Provisions and rules governing the creation, registration, operation, financing and dissolution of political parties.
        Baha Al-Bakri


        Baha Al-Bakri, former Senior Official at the Central Election Commission; Lecturer of Law, Birzeit University

      Link: Related article

10.45-11.00       Break


11.00-13.00       Leadership Styles

(leadership types, various personalities, convincing others, leaving an impression, understanding what makes a leader. Motivating others, leadership in cultural and situational contexts, leadership ethics) Dr. Mahmoud Baidoun, Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor, Ramallah

13.00-14.00       Lunch

Dr. Mahmoud Baidoun


14.00-16.30        Leadership Styles, contd.
                              Dr. Mahmoud Baidoun



DAY THREE:   Monday, 28 May 2007


9.15-11.00         Institutional and Organizational Requirements of Parties (II)

      • Developing persuasive (and unique) messages
      • Effectively communicating the party’s vision
      • Communicating the party policy and strategies to accomplish the message
      • Communications – internally and with the electorate
      • Relations with the media

        Andrea Nahles


        Andrea Nahles
        , Member of the German Bundestag and of the SPD Executive Committee,and Inge Wettig-Danielmeier, Member of the SPD Executive Committee and SPD Treasurer

          Dr. Andreas Helle


11.00-11.15       Break





11.15-12.30       Institutional and Organizational Requirements of Parties (I)           

      • Party leadership
      • Membership recruitment (broadening the party base)
      • Creating an effective headquarters operation
      • Organization of party congress or events
      • Building and nurturing relationships with interest groups


                    Dr. Andreas Helle, Political Advisor, Party of European Socialists



13.30-14.00       Lunch


14.00-16.30      Party Formation (III): History of Palestinian Political Parties

  Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi






                            Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Chairman of PASSIA 








DAY Four:    Tuesday, 29 May 2007


9.15-10.45         Political Parties and Elections

      • Building a campaign management team and allocating responsibility
      • Message/Platform development
      • Motivating and mobilizing the party membership
      • Candidate identification, recruitment and selection
      • Poll-watching

                        Dr. Andreas Helle


10.45-11.00       Break


11.00-12.30       Political Parties and Elections

      • Developing an effective campaign
      • Monitor the election process
      • Communication with the electorate and voter outreach
      • Media relations
      • Campaign funding and budgeting
      • Getting out the vote

                        Dr. Andreas Helle

  Dr. Andreas Helle


12.30-13.30       Lunch


13.30-16.30       Intra-Party Politics

      • Issue and policy research
      • Development of party policies and strategies
      • Dealing with intra-party conflicts
      • Recruit candidates

                        Dr. Mohammed Dajani Lecturer, Al-Quds University

 Dr. Mohammed Dajani










DAY FIVE:     Wednesday, 30 May 2007


9.30-10.30         Case Study: Forming a New Party in Palestine

       Dr. Nazmi Joubeh, Co-Director of Al-Riwaq, Ramallah, and              member of the ‘Third Way’


10.30-10.45       Break

  Dr. Nazmi Joubeh

10.45-13.30       Case Study: Forming a New Party in Palestine

      • Party financing / Fundraising / Financial Reporting

                             Dr. Nazmi Joubeh


14.00-14.30       Lunch


14.30-16.30    Discussion with local party practitioners
                        with Qais Abdul Karim (Badil - Alternative), Bassam Salhi (PA Minister of                          Culture), Hatem Abdul Qader (Fateh), and Saleh Rafat (FIDA)




16.30-17.30       Wrap up and final discussion – FES - PASSIA



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