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Human Capacity Development Project

PASSIA's Training Program on

Strategic Planning

22-26 May 2005

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Course Outline

In view of the fact that a key factor in the developing, dynamic environment prevailing in Palestine is the human resource, the PASSIA Training Programs seek to empower Palestinian practitioners and professionals to deal more effectively with the tasks ahead. The course on Strategic Planning will enhance the participants’ capacity to develop visions and goals as well as ways to achieve them by using strategic management as a tool to translate the overall aims of organizations into workable strategies.
Application Requirements  

The training program is designed for participants whose responsibilities include project planning, management and implementation and wish to enhance their skills. Normally, the applicant holds a BA degree or its equivalent. Applicants must be able to commit themselves full-time throughout the required period and to undertake preparatory reading and written work. A good knowledge of written and spoken English is essential.
Program Structure and Content  


The training program on Strategic Planning will focus on practical training and hands-on exercises in relevant fields and concepts and is structured as follows:

  • Preparation. Prior to the seminar the selected participants will be provided with a reading package, which will enable them to become familiar with the course material. Each participant will be required to write a brief paper on a subject related to the seminar. The presentation of this paper will be an integral part of the program.

  • Intensive Seminar. During the five-day intensive seminar a fundamental background on the key issues, concepts and practice of strategic management and planning will be established, whereby participants will be encouraged to relate their training to actual issues and experiences at the institutions with which they are involved.

    Seminar Topics include:

    • Theories, Fields and Concepts of Strategic Management and Planning
    • Vision and Mission Statement Development
    • Setting Organizational Goals
    • Institutional and Human Resources Development
    • Strategic Choices & Implementation of Strategies in Times of Crises
    • Case Studies
  • Conclusion. At the close of the training program, certificates will be awarded by PASSIA to participants who successfully complete the program.


Completed application forms must be submitted to PASSIA by Sunday, 24 April 2005. PASSIA will then invite short-listed applicants to interviews. Applicants will be notified of the results and, upon selection, participants will have to confirm their commitment to full-time participation in writing as well as submit a letter from their employers confirming that they will be exempted from work during the required period.

TThe PASSIA Training Program will take place from 22-26 May 2005 at the Best Eastern Hotel in RAMALLAH. All candidates must commit themselves to participate fully during the entire period.


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