Seminar on Israel - State, Society and Politics
10Ė14 April 2000


Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi

Origins of Political Concepts and the Zionist Movement (Pre-1948 History)
Prof. Shlomo Avineri

Jews and Arabs under the British Mandate
Tom Segev

The Creation of Israel, the War of 1948 and Early Institution-Building
Prof. Moshe Lissak

The Political System in Israel: Government, Knesset and Lawmaking
Naomi Chazan

Social Cleavages and Political Parties
Dr. Benyamin Neuberger

Economic Growth in Israel, 1948-2000
Dr. Paul Rivlin

The Military and Security Establishment (IDF, Intelligence branches, etc.)
Dr. Yoram Peri

The Histradut: Continuity and Change
Dr. Uri Davis

Israeli Society and Religion: Ethnic Groups, Identity and Nationalism
Rabbi David Rosen

Israel and the Mediterranean Option
Dr. David Ohana

Palestinians in Israel: Integration, Autonomy or Secession
Dr. Said Zeedani

The Israeli Lobby and US-Israeli Relations
Colette Avital

Israelís International Relations: The US, Europe and International Organizations
Dr. Shlomo Aronson

Israeli Politics: From the Intifada to the Peace Process
Dr. Asher Susser

Israel and the Middle East Peace Process
Dr. Moshe Maoz

Israelís Future in the Region: Conflict or Cooperation?
David Kimche

Appendix A: Israel at a Glance