The World Bank and the
Palestinian NGO Project


Executive Summary


Chapter I: Formation and Evolution of the Fund

I.1 World Bank Assistance to the Palestinians

I.2 Why a Palestinian NGO Project? PNGOs Historic Contributionsto Economic, Social, and Political Development

I.3 Poverty

I.4 Competition for Assistance: The Emergence of the PA as an Alternative for Donor Funds

I.5 PA Incapable of Replacing PNGOs?

I.6 World Bank Support for NGOs

I.7 Creating a Fund for Palestinian NGOs

I.8 Convincing the PA, PNGOs, and Israel … and the Bank

I.9 Fundraising for the PNGO Project

I.10 Designing the Structure

I.11 Who runs the show? Designing a Management and Governance Structure

I.12 Choosing the Project Management Organization

I.13 The PMO's Turn

Chapter II: Project Performance and Impact

II.1 Grants

  • Cycle 1 Development Grants
  • Cycle 2 Block Grants
  • Cycle 3 Development Grants
  • Saudi and Italian Funding to NGOs in Jerusalem
  • Research Grants
  • Recovery Grants
  • Capacity Building Program

II.2 PA-PNGO Relations

II.3 Assessing Project Performance: A Mid-Term Review and the Bank's Response

  • The "Un-funded"
  • Mid-Term Review Conclusions & Recommendations

II.4 Evolution of PNGO Consultation and Governance

II.5 Trouble-Shooting and Response to Emergency Situation,

Chapter III: Other Bank-Supported Funds

Chapter IV: Future of the Palestinian NGO Project: Phase II

IV.1 Project Management and Oversight

IV.2 Governance

IV.3 Building on Success: Beyond Capacity Building in Phase II

IV.4 Concerns & Opportunities, Phase II:

  • Band-Wagon Effect
  • Jerusalem
  • Gaza
  • Politicization of Grants
  • Role of PA
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Communication
  • Poverty Alleviation?

Chapter V: Conclusion & Lessons Learned


Comment by Abdulrahman Tamimi

Comment by Alam Jarrar

Comment by Izzat Abdul Hadi


I. Governance & PNGO-PNA Relations

II. Palestinian NGO Resource Center: Recommendations by the Mid-Term Review Team

III. Development Grants Project Cycle

IV. Outline Concept of the Goals, Objectives, and Activities of Proposed PNGO Project (Phase II)

The World Bank and the Palestinian NGO Project, by Denis J.Sullivan

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