Research Studies

From Religious Salvation to Political Transformation: The Rise of Hamas in Palestinian Society
by Dr. Hisham H. Ahmed

No. 73

  May 1994 (English, Pp. 172)
[Out of Print]

This study provides a detailed investigation of the factors which led to the birth and growth of the Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas. In addition to covering historical, social and economic components, it also takes into account the wider regional and global influences on the emergence of the Hamas movement. Making extensive use of some fascinating interviews with a variety of Hamas members and activists, the author illustrates the political program of the movement and its relationship to other forces within the Palestinian political arena as well as to Israel, Arab states and the international community. An investigation of recent events in the region and the subsequent reaction from Hamas leaders suggests possible directions that the Hamas movement may take in the future and the probable effect of this on Palestinian political life. Included is the full text of the covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement.

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