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Each year the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of international Affairs (PASSIA) undertakes its Research Studies Program. Under the auspices of this program, PASSIA has been able to publish over 90 different studies on a huge diversity of subjects relating to the Palestine question over the past ten years. PASSIA intends to continue its efforts to provide background information, theoretical material and in-depth studies on relevant issues, and thus, to assist academics and professionals to develop and exchange their ideas as well as to contribute to the enrichment of the Palestinian library.

As part of this program, PASSIA commissions a number of researchers each year to conduct research reflecting a plurality of perspectives, Palestinian and foreign, within the context of academic freedom. The studies published by PASSIA are widely distributed both locally and internationally and aim at providing a better understanding of Palestinian affairs, perspectives and aspirations. In the light of the current stage in Palestinian and regional history, it is becoming even more crucial that reliable and informative data be dispersed throughout the local and wider communities. PASSIA's research studies are a reference source for academics, diplomats, professionals, libraries and anyone with an interest in the Palestinian issue, the field of international affairs, and the developments in the Middle East.

The researchers do not need to have a full-time affiliation with PASSIA and the authors of PASSIA publications throughout the years, including Palestinian, Arab, Israeli and international academics, scholars and experts, have been as diverse as the subjects covered.

The Jordanian Disengagement: Causes and Effects
by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi

[Out of Print] only available online:
Full text available in English and Arabic

September 1988 (English Pp. 20, and Arabic, Pp. 28), 2nd edition December 1996

Economic Aspects of the Intifada
by Dr. Andrew Rigby

September 1988 (English, Pp. 28, and Arabic, Pp. 19)
[Out of Print]

The Historical Evolution of the Armenian Question and the Conflict over "Nagorno Karabagh-Arstakh"
by Dr. Manuel S. Hassassian

December 1988 (English, Pp. 59, and Arabic, Pp. 38); 2nd edition January 1990
[Out of Print]

Economic and Social Conditions During the Intifada

by Dr. Hazem Shunnar

January 1989 (Arabic, Pp. 84.); 2nd edition May 1989.
[Out of Print]

The Nation and the Homeland in the Islamic and Christian Thoughts in the Middle Ages

by Dr. Ulrich Haarmann

April 1989 (Arabic, Pp. 18)
[Out of Print]

Towards a Viable Islamic Economy: Conceptual Approaches in the Eighties in Retrospect

by Dr. Dieter Weiss

May 1989 (English, Pp. 149, and Arabic, Pp. 11)
[Out of Print]

The European Community and the International Conference for Peace in the Middle East

by Dr. Nayef Abu-Khalaf

May 1989 (English, Pp. 56, and Arabic, Pp. 35)
[Out of Print]

Israeli Planning and House Demolishing Policy in the West Bank

by Rasem M. Khameyseh

May 1989 (Arabic, Pp. 79); December 1989 (English, Pp. 82)
[Out of Print]

The Intifada: Causes and Factors of Continuity

by Dr. Ziad Abu-Amr

June 1989 (English, Pp. 31, and Arabic, Pp. 43); 2nd edition June 1994
[Out of Print]

The Intifada: The Struggle Over Education

by Dr. Andrew Rigby

July 1989 (English, Pp. 27, and Arabic, Pp. 21)
[Out of Print]

The Intifada and the Arab Press

by Ali Khalili

September 1989 (Arabic, Pp. 45)

Creating the Palestinian State - A Strategy for Peace

by Dr. Jerome Segal (PASSIA Translation into Arabic)

September 1989 (Arabic, Pp. 156)
[Out of Print]


Palestinian-Saudi Relations (1936-1939)
by Dr. Taysir Jbara

October 1989 (Arabic, Pp. 119)

Studies in the Arabic Library

by Dr. Mohammed Jawad Al-Nuri and Ali Khalil Hamad

January 1990 (Arabic, Pp. 429)

Palestine: Factionalism in the National Movement (1919-1939)

by Dr. Manuel S. Hassassian

February 1990 (English, Pp. 147)
[Out of Print]

Sayyid Qutb - The Emergence of the Islamist 1939-1950

by Dr. Adnan Musallam

April 1990 (English, Pp. 130)


Najati Sidqi (1905-1979) - Life and Works
by Ibrahim Mohammed Abu-Hashhash

May 1990 (Arabic, Pp. 240)

Palestinians in Israel and the Intifada

by Dr. Muhsen Yousef

August 1990 (Arabic, Pp. 110)
[Out of Print]

Ghassan Kanafani: A Study of his Novels and Short Stories

by Fayha Abdul Hadi

August 1990 (Arabic, Pp. 247)
[Out of Print]

Introduction to Criminology - "A Sociological Study"

by Dr. Mahmoud Aqel

August 1991 (Arabic, Pp. 155)
[Out of Print]

The Intifada: The Struggle between the Israeli Occupation and the Palestinians from the Perspective of Criminology

by Dr. Suhail Hassanen

September 1991 (Arabic, Pp. 158)
[Out of Print]

The Eighteenth of August - Boris "Bonaparte"

by Dr. Azmi Bishara

November 1991 (Arabic, Pp. 28)
[Out of Print]

Ibrahim in the Torah, Bible and Qur'an

by Dr. Abd Al-Sattar Kassim

November 1991 (Arabic, Pp. 72); 2nd edition July 1994.

Palestinian Reflections and Opinions

by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Dr. Mohammed Jadallah, and Dr. Riad Malki

March 1992 (Arabic, Pp. 92)
[Out of Print]

Conflict Resolutions: Assumptions Behind the Approach

by J. Kristen Urban

October 1992 (English, Pp. 32); 2nd edition November 1996
[Out of Print]

The Palestinian Islamic Movement and the New World Order

by Dr. Iyad Al-Barghouthi

December 1992 (Arabic, Pp. 166)
[Out of Print]

Ein Beit Al-Ma' Refugee Camp: A Sociological Study

by Dr. Mahmoud Aqel

December 1992 (Arabic, Pp. 124)

Emerging Trends in Palestinian Strategic Thinking and Practice

by Dr. Ziad Abu-Amr

December 1992 (English, Pp. 48, and Arabic, Pp. 32)

Progress and Retrogression in Arab Democratization

by Larbi Sadiki

December 1992 (English, Pp. 47)

Half the People: Women, History and the Palestinian Intifada

by Maria Holt

December 1992. (English, Pp. 84)

The Law of the Land: Settlements and Land Issues under Israeli Military Occupation

by Raja Shehadeh

July 1993 (English, Pp. 135)

The Palestinian Economy - A Bibliography

by PASSIA Research Staff

April 1994 (English, Pp. 220, with Arabic entries translated and transliterated)
[Out of Print]

Palestinian Refugees

by Najeh Jarrar

May 1994 (Arabic, Pp. 128)
[Out of Print]

From Religious Salvation to Political Transformation: The Rise of Hamas in Palestinian Society

by Dr. Hisham H. Ahmed

May 1994 (English, Pp. 172)
[Out of Print]

Democracy, Constitutionalism and the Future State of Palestine (with a Case Study on Women's Rights)

by Adrien K. Wing

July 1994 (English, Pp. 84); 2nd edition forthcoming
[Out of Print]

The Declaration of Principles and the Legal System in the West Bank
by Raja Shehadeh

September 1994 (English, Pp. 72 and Arabic, Pp. 77)
[Out of Print]

Elections and the Palestinian Political System

by Dr. Ali Al-Jirbawi

September 1994 (Arabic, Pp. 44)
[Out of Print]

The West Bank and the Gaza Strip: Future Political and Administrative Links

by Dr. Khalil Shiqaqi

October 1994 (Arabic, Pp. 161)
[Out of Print]

Palestinian Education - The Future Challenge

by Dr. Andrew Rigby

March 1995 (English, Pp. 53, and Arabic Pp. 57)

[Out of Print]

Jerusalem Women's Organizations During the British Mandate, 1920s-1930s

by Ellen Fleischmann

March 1995 (English, Pp. 49, and Arabic, Pp. 49)

The Israeli Economy: Structure and Transformation, 1985-1995

by Dr. Jamil Hilal

August 1995 (Arabic, Pp. 135)

One Year Into Self-Government: Perceptions of the Palestinian Political Elite

by Helena Lindholm-Schulz

September 1995 (English, Pp. 118)

Non-Governmental Organizations and Freedom of Association: Palestine and Egypt - A Comparative Analysis

by Dr. Denis J. Sullivan

December 1995 (English, Pp. 86)

Women in Contemporary Palestine: Between Old Conflicts and New Realities

by Maria Holt

May 1996 (Arabic, pp. 117 and English, pp. 102)

Constitutionalism and Palestinian Constitutional Development

by Dr. Gregory S. Mahler

June 1996, (English, pp. 92)
[Out of Print]

The Legacy of the Past: The Problem of Collaborators and the Palestinian Case

by Dr. Andrew Rigby
August 1997, (English, pp. 110)

Palestine, Jordan, Israel: Building a Base for Common Scholarship and Understanding in the New Era of the Middle East
December 1997, (English, pp. 263)

The Other Side of the Coin: A Native Palestinian Tells His Story
April 1998, (English, pp. 166)

Municipal Policies in Jerusalem - An Account from Within
September 1998, (English, pp. 150)

Dialogue on Palestinian State-Building and Identity
January 1999, (English, pp. 128)

Religious Dialogue
March 1999, (English, pp. 81)

Peace Enemies
June  1999 (English pp. 248)

Islamic Movement: A Challenge for Palestinian State Building
November 1999 (English pp. 167)

Shari'a Personalities in Palestine
December 1999 (Arabic pp. 147)

Arab Nationalism and the Palestinians
December 1999 (English pp. 188)
[Out of Print]

Hydropolitics in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
December 1999 (English pp. 188)

Palestinian Judiciary and the Rule Of Law in the Autonomous Areas
November 2000 (English pp.156)

The World Bank and the Palestinian NGO Project

by Dr. Denis J. Sullivan
August 2001 (English pp.110)

US Policy Towards Jerusalem and the Occupied Arab Territories 1948 and 1967

by Candace Karp
December 2001 (English pp.108)

100 Years of Palestinian History - a 20th century Chronology
December 2001 (English, Pp. 410)

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon - From Hosting through Discrimination

by Hussein Chaaban
January 2002 (Arabic, Pp. 314)

Negotiating Jerusalem - Preconditions for Drawing Scenarios Based on Territorial Compromises

by Enrico Molinaro
April 2002 (English, Pp. 127)

The Palestine Question in Maps, 1878-2002
August 2002 (English, Pp. 176)

Elite Change in an Authoritarian Regime:Co-opting an Islamic Movement in Algeria

by Noura Hamladji
January 2003 (English / Arabic, Pp. 100)

Palestine in Review
A day to Day Chronology - THIS WAS 2000
Spetember 2003 (English , Pp. 71)

Water in Palestine: Problems-Politics-Prospects  
October 2003 (English , Pp. 308)

Palestine in Review
A day to Day Chronology - THIS WAS 2001
December 2003 (English , Pp. 100)

The Myth of Palestinian Development -
Political Aid and Sustainable Decit
April 2004 (English , Pp. 230)

Dictionary of Palestinian Political Terms    
April 2004 (English , Pp. 152)

The Geneva Accord: Plan or Pretense?  
May 2004 (English , Pp. 150)

Palestine in Review
A day to Day Chronology - THIS WAS 2002
December 2005 (English , Pp. 192)

Palestinian Personalities- A Biographic Dictionary      
December 2005 (English , Pp. 248)

Environmental Hazards in Palestine since the Apartheid Wall      (New)

by Saleh Abdellatif

July 2009 (English)



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