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Arab Nationalism and the Palestinians (1850-1939)
by Abdelaziz Ayyad

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Chapter 1 : The Foundation of the Arab Liberation Movement
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  • Conceptualization and Difficulties of Concept Use in the Study of the Arab East
  • Nineteenth Century Arab East
  • Nineteenth Century Palestine and Colonial Settlements
Chapter 2 : The Arab Liberation Movement: The Formative Years
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  • Initial Formation
  • The Palestinian National Resistance
  • The Crucial Formative Years
  • The Arab Movement and the Palestinian Resistance
  • The Arabs and World War I
Chapter 3: The Palestinian National Movement
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  • A Traditional Leadership and a Decline
  • Frustrated Aspirations and an Uprising
  • Thwarted Arabism and the Politics of Collaborationism
  • The State of Weakness and Loss of Control

Chapter 4: 
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The Palestinian Struggle for Independence (1928-1939) – The Rising Masses and the Traditional Leadership and Its Allegiances
  • Embryonic Formations of the Crucial Years
  • The Road to Confrontation
  • The Palestinian National Uprising 1936 to 1939



Dr. Abdelaziz Ayyad is Assistant Professor of Contemporary and Modern History of the Middle East and Europe at Birzeit University, Birzeit, West Bank.

This book represents the free expression of its author and does not nec­essarily repre­sent the judgement or opinions of PASSIA. It was presented as part of the PASSIA Research Studies Program of 1999, which was kindly supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), Jerusalem.


Cover Photo: Seventh Palestinian Arab Congress, Jerusalem, June 1928

(PASSIA Photo Archives)

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December 1999



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