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Notes on Palestinian-Israeli Meetings in the Occupied Territories, 1967-87
by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi

June 1987 (English, Pp. 22, and Arabic, Pp. 17);
2nd edition May 1988;
3rd edition February 1991

[Out of Print]

The Jordanian Disengagement: Causes and Effects
by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi

Full text available in English and Arabic

1st Edition - September 1988
2nd Edition - September 1995

Modern Arabic Literature Translated into German
by Dr. Stephan Wield

March 1988 (Arabic, Pp. 11)
[Out of Print]

Swedish Foreign Policy and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
by Beatrice Zeidler-Blomberg

April 1988 (English, Pp. 19, and Arabic, Pp. 10)
[Out of Print]

Closing Down the Palestinian Information Office in Washington DC - A Documentation File
Prepared by Maha Shehadeh and Basma Al-Saman

June 1988. (Arabic, Pp. 47 + Pp. 11 of English documents)
[Out of Print]

Nahaleen in the Intifada
by Ziad Mahmoud Abu Saleh

June 1989 (Arabic, Pp. 156)
[Out of Print]

Reflections on American-Palestinian Dialogue
by Dr. William B. Quandt

August 1989 (English, Pp. 26, and Arabic, Pp. 28)

Islam in the Federal Republic of Germany
by Dr. Rotraud Wojtowytsch-Wielandt

November 1989 (Arabic, Pp. 24)
[Out of Print]

About the French Revolution and the Artist Jean Louis David
by Karim Dabbah

February 1990 (Arabic, Pp. 24)
[Out of Print]

The Transfer of Soviet Jews to Israel During "Perestroika"
by Dr. Azmi Bishara

June 1990 (Arabic, Pp. 35)
[Out of Print]

The Palestinian Component in Jordan's 1989 Parliamentary Elections
by Schirin H. Fathi

August 1990 (English, Pp. 36, and Arabic Pp. 27); 2nd edition August 1995
[Out of Print]

The Graffiti of the Intifada: A Brief Survey
by Paul Steinberg and A. M. Oliver

July 1990 (English, Pp. 56;
Arabic, Pp. 16, with 19 b/w photographs);
2nd edition May 1994

[Out of Print]

Nineteen Eighty Four (1984)
by George Orwell
(Translated into Arabic by Rashida Al-Masri)

August 1990 (Arabic, Pp. 309)
[Out of Print]

Federal Republic of Germany: Information Paper

December 1990 (English, Pp. 60); (Arabic, Pp. 68)

West Bank and Gaza Information Paper

December 1990 (English)
[Out of Print]

German Unification and the European Unity
by Dr. Wolf D. Gruner

January 1991 (English, Pp. 40, and Arabic, Pp. 27)
[Out of Print]

Israel on the Eve of an Election Year: Some Preliminary Reflections
by Professor Naomi Chazan

November 1991 (English, Pp. 68)
[Out of Print]

Occupied Palestinian Territory
by PASSIA Research Staff

July 1993 (English, Pp. 129 + 7 maps)
[Out of Print]

The Australian Press and Palestine
by Dr. Henk Overberg

July 1993 (English, Pp. 26)

Dutch Development Policy Towards the Middle East
by Tom de Quaasteniet

May 1994 (English, Pp. 62, and Arabic, Pp. 65)

The Israeli Disengagement Plan 1995
by Jawad Ja'abari

July 1995 (Arabic, Pp. 188)
2nd edition February 2001 (Arabic, Pp. 115)

Awakening Sleeping Horses And What Lies Ahead
by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi

October 2000 (English, Pp. 24)


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