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France & Jerusalem

-Colonial Encounters, Contemporary Diplomacy & Cultural Heritage


By Elodie Farge
English, 176 pages
October 2015
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List of Boxes
Chapter One: The “Holy” Conquests of Jerusalem
The Crusades and the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem
Jerusalem in the Eyes of French Pilgrims: Between Heaven and Earth
The Eldest Daughter of the Church and the Capitulations
Bonaparte’s Expedition

Chapter Two: The Orient Question and the Peaceful Crusades
Imperialism and Religion
The “Clerical Republic”
The Scientific Capture of Jerusalem
Orientalism and Biblical Petrification of Jerusalem

Chapter Three: The Franco-English Battle for the Possession of Palestine
The End of the French Religious Protectorate
The Efforts for the Internationalization of Jerusalem at the United Nations
French and Zionist Brothers in Arms

Chapter Four: France’s “Pro-Arab” Years: De Gaulle, Giscard, and Pompidou
The Aftermath of the Suez Debacle
The Turning Point of the 1967 War
Pompidou and the Exordium of the “Palestinian Doctrine”
Giscard d’Estaing and the Venice Declaration


Chapter Five: Mitterrand, the Demise of the French “Arab Policy”
The Heir to the Fourth Republic
The Reluctant Continuation of the Palestinian Doctrine
Mitterrand’s “Balance” as France’s New Political Paragon

Chapter Six: Chirac, the Diplomacy of Inconstancy
The “Pro-Arab Philosemit”
“Chirac Liberated Jerusalem!”
The Final Twist

Chapter Seven: Sarkozy, the Uninhibited Friendship for Israel
The “Honeymoon” between France and Israel
Jerusalem and the Palestinian State: Velleity and Double Jeu

Chapter Eight: Hollande, the Equilibrist
Hollande and Israel: “La Vie en Rose”
Lip Service to Jerusalem

Chapter Nine: France in Jerusalem Today
The “French Jerusalem:” France’s Legacy in the City
“God Save the Republic”
The Consulate General of France in Jerusalem: the Last Remnant of the French “Arab Policy?”


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