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Palestine: Factionalism in the National Movement (1919 - 1939):
by Dr. Manuel Hassassian

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The Rise of Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism

  • The Zionist Movement
  • British Wartime Promises

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The Development of The Majlesiyoun's Leadership of Arab Palestine

  • The Palestinian Movement in its Early Stages of Development
  • The Palestinian Congresses
  • The Emergence of the Husseinis As the Leading Family of Palestine
  • Early Opposition to Haj Amin's Leadership

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The Development Of The Mu'arada In The 1920's

  • The Nashashibi Family
  • The Other Families in the Mu'arada
  • Sources of Strength
  • Sources of Weakness
  • Groups Affiliated with the Mu'arada
  • The Mu'arada's Role in the Specific issues of the 1920's

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The Mu'arada And the Majlesiyoun in the Internal Political Struggle (1929-32)

  • The 1929 Wailing Wall Incident and the Outbreak of Violence
  • The Majlesiyoun and the General Islamic Congress in Jerusalem
  • (1931)
  • The General Islamic Congress (1931)
  • The Congress of the Palestine Muslim Nation


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The Role of Mu'arada in the Major Political Crises of 1933-1939

  • The Decline In The Influence of Traditional Groups
  • The Decline In The Influence of the Mu'arada
  • The 1933 Disturbances
  • The Proliferation of Political Parties
  • The Mu'arada's NDP and The Legislative Council Proposal of 1935
  • The Failure of the Revolt and the Downfall of the Traditional Leadership



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