Civil Society Empowerment: Media and Communication Skills

The PASSIA training program on Media and Communication Skills was implemented dur¬ing the period November 1998-May 1999. It included lectures on the general concept of civil society and its role and relevance with regard to the policy process, while the focus of the program was on a general introduction into the themes and fields of media and com¬munication. Other parts dealt with issues related to communication strategies, effective presentations, developing communication skills, planning media events, and public rela¬tions. Also included were case studies and practical media-communication experiences from Palestine. This report contains the proceedings and instructions of the training program and introduces the reader to the components and techniques of media relations and communication strategies

April 1, 1999


by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi

Part I: Civil Society, the Policy Process And the Media

1. The Making of a Palestinian Civil Society: A Conceptual Framework
Dr.Ishaq Al-Qutub

2. Palestinian Civil Society and the Policy Process
Dr. Nabil Khatib

3. Introduction to Media and Communication
Rami G. Khouri

4. The Role and Power of the Mass Media
Rami G. Khouri

5. Media Ethics
Dr. Said Zeedani

6. The Role and Impact of the (Mass) Media
Eric Weiner and Lyse Doucet

Part II: Communication, Public Relations and Fundraising

7. How Journalists Work - News Gathering and Research
Rami G. Khouri

8. The Communication Process - How it Works
Tudor Lomas

9. Communication Strategies and Techniques
Tudor Lomas

10. Public Relations: Key Points
Dr. Nash'at Al-Aqtash

11. Public Relations and Fundraising - Key Issues and Concepts
Kathy Sullivan

12. Fundraising - Tools and Resources
Kathy Sullivan

13.Developing and Implementing a Media-Communication Strategy
Kathy Sullivan

Part III: Media and Communication - Experiences from Palestine Public Relations:

14.Experiences from Palestine
Dr. Albert Aghazarian

15. Media-Communication Strategies: The Palestinian Experience (1)
Dr. Nabil Khatib

16.Media-Communication Strategies: The Palestinian Experience (2)
Terry Boullata


Using the Internet for Fundraising Research and Better Public Relations Major Types of Media Events
'Tool Box' of Media Materials
Selected PASSIA Internet Resources