Peace Enemies - The Past and Present Conflict between Israel and Palestine

This book provides a detailed and wide-ranging examination of Israeli-Palestinian relations from the late 19th Century to the present. The historical overview of the conflict is followed by an analysis of the various agreements signed since 1993 between the PLO and Israel up to the Wye River Agreement of 1998. Other chapters discuss the status of human rights under Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority, as well as Israel’s foreign relations with the US, the European Union, Syria, Turkey and Germany. The final chapter, “Israel between Western Democracy and Religious Fundamentalism,” explores the current divisions in Israeli society between Ashkenazim/Sephardim, religious/secular and Zionist/Post-Zionist.

June 1, 1999



On the History of Palestine and Israel

1.From Zionist Settlement to the Establishment of the State of Israel
2.The Middle East Wars
3.The Domestic Turning Point in Israel
4.The Palestinian Struggle for an Independent State
5.From Madrid to Oslo
6.The Election of Netanyahu and the Escalation of the Conflict


The Peace Process in Israel and Palestine

1.The ‘Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Authority’ of 13 September 1993

2. The ‘Gaza-Jericho Agreement’ of 4 May 1994 and the Protocol on Economic Relations of 29 April 1994

3. The Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement on the West Bank and Gaza Strip of 28 September 1995 (Taba or Oslo II Agreement)

4. The Hebron Redeployment Protocol of 15 January 1997 and Netanyahu’s ‘Peace Vision’

5.The Wye River Memorandum of 23 October 1998

6.The Territorial Reality of the Peace Process


The Human Rights of the Palestinians Under Israeli Occupation and Palestinian Autonomy

1. International Law and Occupation

2. Israeli Human Rights Violations Vis-à-vis the Palestinians

3.Palestinian Human Rights Violations Vis-à-vis Palestinians Israel’s Role in the International System and in the Middle East:

1.US-Israeli Relations

2. The Middle East Policy of the European Union

3.The Israeli-Turkish Alliance

4.Israeli-Syrian Relations

5.German-Israeli-Jewish Relations


Israel's Role in the International System and in the Middle East

1- US-Israeli Relations
2-The Middle East Policy of the European Union
3-The Israeli-Turkish Alliance
4-German-Israeli-Jewish Relations


Israel between Western Democracy and Religious Fundamentalism

1. The Alliance Between the National Right and Religious Funda­mentalism

2.Ashkenazim versus Sephardim/Mizrahim

3.From Zionism to ‘Post-Zionism’ or Ethnocentric Zionism Outlook


List of Maps

Map 1:Palestinian Autonomous Area – The Gaza Strip 1994

-Map 2:The Palestinian Territories After Oslo II, 1995

-Map 3:Map of the West Bank and Gaza , January 1967

-Map 4:Palestinian and Israeli Land Tenure in the West Bank and Gaza , 1967-1995

-Map 5/6: Israeli Advanced Proposals and Options for the Final Status of the Palestinian Territories Map 7: Projection of Areas Under Palestinian and Israeli Authority, 2010 133

-Map 8: Metropolitan and Greater Jerusalem

-Map 9:The Palestinian District of Jerusalem