Palestinian Judiciary and the Rule Of Law in the Autonomous Areas

This book delves into the multi-layered Palestinian legal system, examining the multiple historical sources of legislation and judicial procedures as well as the complications that have developed as a result of the various political and military restrictions placed upon the Palestinian judiciary and its practitioners. Wagner explores the impact of the Oslo accords and Israeli/Palestinian relations on the ability and willingness of the Palestinian Authority to create and enforce a body of domestic law suitable for the foundation of a modern state. Addressing political, cultural and historical factors, the book looks into the implementation of a body of legislation and the means by which that body has been interpreted and adapted over the course of time and under the influence of foreign rule. Based on in-depth research and interviews with leading Palestinian legal practitioners, educators and monitors, the book provides a valuable source of information regarding the past, present and future of the Palestinian legal system. Due to its straightforward presentation of what is often the bewildering realm of legal practice, the book remains accessible as an introduction to the subject without falling short of the depth and analysis necessary for fuller treatment of such a topic.

Nov. 1, 2000