Civil Society Empowerment: Fundraising

This publication contains the proceedings of the Training Program on Fundraising and Public Relations, which was conducted in May 2001 by local and foreign experts in the field, who trained civil society employees to deal more effectively with both the public and constituencies and to utilize media venues to serve their goals. The course focused on developing basic writing skills with an emphasis on techniques for delivering clear, essential information in an engaging, professional and compelling manner. Students were challenged to think objectively from a donor’s perspective and encouraged to apply the lessons learned to their particular working environment, including critical assessment of their organizations’ mandates and goals. This publication, containing the proceedings of the course, is meant to serve as a handbook for anyone interested in the subject.

Dec. 1, 2001


An Introduction to Proposal Writing: Identifying and Defining Priorities
Jennifer Barsky

Strategic Planning: An Overview
Jennifer Barsky

Crafting a Successful Proposal: From Conception to Delivery - A Step-by-Step Approach
Jennifer Barsky

Fundraising and Budgeting
John D. Moore



Appendix 1: Tool Box of Media Materials

Appendix 2: Selected Internet Resources