100 Years of Palestinian History– a 20th Century Chronology

This publication is the outcome of two years of research and documentation;
it chronicles Palestine’s and the Palestinian people’s journey through the
20th Century. Drawing on a vast array of memoirs, archives and documents
the book relates the events that occurred each year. It focuses separately on
Jerusalem, Palestine, the region and the wider international arena, so as to
provide valuable context and detail. By bringing together in this vast, illustrated
volume the statements, personalities, decisions and events that have shaped
history, this book affords the reader a passage through time from a Palestinian perspective. More than 400 pages in length and enriched with over a
thousand historic photographs and maps, 100 Years of Palestinian History –
A 20th Century Chronology represents a unique and essential addition to the
library of all those interested or involved in the Palestine Question. The book
also includes a glossary of key terms in Palestinian history

Dec. 1, 2001