Palestinian Assessments of the Gulf War and its Aftermath (1991)

The Gulf War was a critical period in recent Palestinian history, and this
essential book contains the papers delivered at a PASSIA seminar on various
dimensions of the war. The academic orientation of the articles is a critical
self-examination as well as an objective assessment of the developments
taking place in the region and the Palestinian Territories. Articles are by Dr.
Salim Tamari (The Next Phase: Problems of Transition); Dr. George Giacaman
(What Next for the Palestinians?); Samir Huleileh (The Gulf Crisis and the
Palestinian Economy: New Tasks and Challenges); Ibrahim Shaban (The Legal
Dimension: The Impact of the Gulf Crisis on the Palestinian Cause); Dr. Helga
Baumgarten (The PLO’s Political Program and the Gulf Crisis); Dr. Bernard
Sabella (Post-Gulf War Prospects: Assessing the Positions); and Dr. Mahdi
Abdul Hadi (Post Gulf-War Assessment: A Palestinian Perspective).

June 1, 1991