The Jordanian Disengagement: Causes and Effects

This study takes an in-depth look at Jordan’s administrative and legal
disengagement from the West Bank that was declared by King Hussein on
31 July 1988. It examines the procedures of the disengagement, including
Jordan’s motives and Palestinian, Arab, Israeli and international factors that
played a role. The book further assesses the effects of the move on the
general political situation, the Palestinians in Jordan and the PLO, as well as
Israel’s confrontation with the Palestinian Option.

Dec. 1, 1996

The Jordanian Disengagement: Causes and Effects

Preparing for the Disengagement Procedures of the Disengagement
1) Jordan's Motives
2) Palestinian Factors
3) Arab Factors
4) Israeli Factors
5) International Factors

Effects of the Disengagement

The Supposed Political Vacuum
Palestinians in the Jordanian State
The Palestine Liberation Organization

Israel Confronted with the Palestinian Option