The Other Side of the Coin - Second Edition

The Other Side of the Coin was originally published in Stockholm in 1962 and is a very personal but unemotional account of the phase in the history of the Palestinian people that preceded and centered
around the Naqbe. It is based on the author's desire to describe the Arabs' side of the story from his personal perspective, whilst reflecting at the same time the way of thinking of many Palestinians.

Through the book, we follow Dr. Abdul Hadi on his journey from Palestine to Europe - where he spent the war years in Germany - and then back to Jerusalem, from where he was forced to flee to several neighboring Arab countries in 1948 along with hundreds of thousands of other Palestinians as a result of the Naqbe.

The publication of this testimony - a unique narrative of the experiences of an upper class Palestinian family before and during this traumatic period in the history of the Palestinian people - coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Naqbe. Dr. Abdul Hadi's book should therefore prove itself a timely and interesting account for anyone with an interest in learning about the Palestinian 'Catastrophe' and what it meant, not only to those Palestinians directly involved but to the new generation of Palestinians who are still trying to come to grips with their loss.

March 31, 2018
Mufid Abdul Hadi