PASSIA Wall Calendar 2018 - 70 Years Since the Nakba

The Wall Calendar depicts beautiful artworks by various Palestinian artists focusing on themes related to 70 Years Since the Nakba.

“Nakba” (Arabic for “catastrophe”) refers to the deliberate and systematic mass expulsion of over 700,000 Palestinians and the destruction and confiscation of their property during the period from the issuance of the UN Partition Plan (UNGA Resolution 181) on November 1947 to the aftermath of the creation of the state of Israel (1947-49). The Nakba, which is commemorated annually on 15 May, was not a one-time occurrence, but a plan for the systematic ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from Palestine which is still going on today. Since that first wave of dispossession and displacement entire generations of Palestinians have been born scattered around the world and lived without justice and freedom. The conflict still endures and the events of the past are still shaping present-day Palestinian life, upholding the refugee problem, disintegrated an entire society, denying them their rights, thwarting economic development, and keeping a nation broadly dependent upon international aid.

Nov. 1, 2017