Ireland and Palestine – Divided Countries United by History

The PASSIA seminar on Ireland and Palestine – Divided Countries United by History intro¬duced the history, society, and political system of the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland and provided Palestinian participants with the concepts, processes and terminology of conflict resolution as they apply to the cases of Ireland and Palestine. Furthermore, Irel¬and's negotiation process was analyzed as were its international relations and foreign policy positions, especially toward the Middle East region, the peace process, and the Palestinians. This report contains the proceedings of the seminar and additional information on the subject.

June 1, 2005

Introduction, by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi

Ireland & The Irish – History
Population and Religion
President, Parliament, Government & Constitution
International Relations
by Niall Holohan


The Peace Process in Northern Ireland – An Overview

by Niall Holohan

-Community Relations in Northern Ireland
by Helen Lewis
-Ethnic Conflict and the Two-State Solution: The Irish Experience of Partition
by Professor John Coakley
-Partition as a Solution to the Political Division: The Cases of Ireland, India and Ireland
by Professor Thomas Fraser



Annex I - The Good Friday Agreement
Annex II – Ireland At a Glance
Annex III – Ireland’s Development Assistance in Palestine
Annex IV – Maps of Ireland
Annex V – Lecture Program and Participants