Professor, member of PLO Central Council

Born in Jerusalem in 1944; BA in Public Administration from the AUB (1965); became close to the PFLP in the late 1960s; became PNC member in 1969; left Palestine in 1970 to become an assistant researcher at the Palestinian Research Center in Beirut (1966-67); then took charge of the research section at the Center from 1968-70; continued his higher education and earned an MA in Public Administration and PhD in Political Science from the University of Calgary, Canada (1973); returned to the Palestinian Research Center in Beirut as research consultant from 1973-74; began a teaching career as Assistant Professor in Political Science at the University of Kuwait in 1974 and became full Professor in 1984; member of PLO Central Council since 1977; editor-in-chief of the Social Sciences magazine in Kuwait from 1975-84; became the second Dir.-Gen. of the Abdul Hamid Shoman Foundation in 1981, and was appointed to its Board of Directors in 1997; PLO Exec. Committee member in charge of Refugees’ Affairs; head of the PA’s Higher Council for Refugee Camps; resigned in July 2000, saying he is unwilling to take the responsibility for the Camp David results on the refugee issue; has authored several studies on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.