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Born in Gaza; Palestinian lawyer; L.L.B. graduate from Alexandria University, Egypt, in 1971; member of various Palestinian councils and associations; former elected head of Gaza Bar Association (1989-94); member of the Palestinian negotiating team to the peace conference; PA Minister of Justice.  


Born in Ramallah; journalist and editor; BA Economics from the American University in Beirut, 1956; member of the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) in 1957 arrested by the Jordanians and detained for 8 years at Al-Jaffar prison; returned to the West Bank in 1974 via family reunification; chief editor of Al-Fajr newspaper, 1975-77; founder and head of the Palestinian Communist Party (now: Palestine People's Party) in the OPT on February 10, 1982; put under house arrest by the Israelis in the early 1980s; chief editor of At-Taliah weekly newspaper in Jerusalem.  


EREKAT, SA'EB (1955-)
Born in Jerusalem; M.A. graduate from San Francisco State University in 1979; Ph.D. Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies, Bradford University, England, 1983; lecturer of Political Science at An-Najah University; member of the Palestinian negotiating team to the peace conference; PA Minister of Local Government and Municipal Affairs.  


HUSSEINI, FAISAL (1940-2001 )
Born in 1940 in Baghdad; studied in Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus; founding member of the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) in 1959; worked for the PLO after its initial establishment in Jerusalem as deputy manager of the Public Organisation Dept. (1964-65); received military training at a Syrian officer's academy and joined the Palestinian Liberation Army in 1967; graduate from Damascus Military College 1967; founder and chairman of the Arab Studies Society, since 1979; in the 1980s placed repeatedly under house and city arrest; several times imprisoned; member of the Supreme Muslim Council, Jerusalem, since 1982; Palestinian spokesperson; head of the Jerusalem National Council/Palestine; head of Palestinian delegation to the Middle East Peace Conference; head of Fatah-faction in the West Bank; Arafat's chief representative in the OPT; active in developing and promoting Israeli-Palestinian dialogue; Palestinian national movement's local mediator for peace.  


Born in Hebron; studied at al-Azhar University in Cairo; worked as educator in Jaffa, Lydda, and Hebron, and in religious courts in Jaffa, Kydda and Safed; appointed Deputy Mufti of Jerusalem by Sheikh Jarallah after the British Mandate; chief magistrate for Jordan and Mufti of the Jordanian army; worked in education in Saudi Arabia and Qatar; counselor in the Department of Education, Jerusalem, Hebron, Ramallah and El-Bireh until he retired (1975); appointed Mufti of Jerusalem by Jordan (in 1993) until his death.  


Educator; Imam of Ramallah mosque; placed repeatedly under house arrest and several times imprisoned; member of the Higher Islamic Council in Jerusalem.  


Palestinian politician; born in 1946 in Ramallah; member of the General Union of Palestinian Women (GUPW), 1967-72; member of the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) in Beirut, 1967-70; working at the Palestinian Information Office, Beirut, 1968-70; graduate from American University of Beirut (M.A., English literature, 1970); Professor of English Literature at Birzeit University since 1974; founding member and director of the Legal Aid Committee since 1974; Ph.D., English Literature, at University of Virginia, USA, 1981; Dean of Arts at Birzeit University 1986-90; member of the Union of Palestinian Writers; former member of Palestinian steering committee in the peace process and Palestinian delegation spokesperson for the negotiations at the Madrid and Washington peace talks; presented the Palestinian case in a moderate pragmatic way; contributed to development of Israeli-Palestinian dialogue; founder and head (1993-1995) of the Independent Palestinian Citizen's Rights Commission.  


Chaiman of Arab Cement Company, elected and deposed deputy Mayor of Hebron (1976-1983). Appointed Mayor of Hebron by the PA in 1994.  


Engineer, member of Higher Islamic Council in Jerusalem, head of Board of Trustees of Al-Quds University, member of various Palestinian Organisations.  


Academic; political analyst and columnist; born in 1949 in Jerusalem; son of Anwar Nusseibeh, a former Palestinian-Jordanian diplomat; graduate from Oxford University (politics, philosophy, economics, 1977) and Harvard University (PhD in philosophy, 1978); Professor of philosophy at Birzeit University, 1978-90; Director of Al-Quds University since 1995.  


Pediatrician/Lecturer, Faculty of science, Islamic University of Gaza, chief Pediatrician Government Hospital, Khan Yunis (76-86).  


SAFIEH, AFIF (1950-)
Born in Jerusalem, studied in France and Belgium, MA from the Institute of National Politics in Paris, visiting scholar at Harvard University 1985-87. PLO representative in the Netherlands 87-90; PLO representative in London 90-95.  


Born in Safed, Galilee; leader of the PLO Planning Centre in Beirut; sought a dialogue with Israelis on the democratic state idea he was championing in the late sixties; chairman of the Political Committee of the PNC; coordinator of the Palestinian peace talks negotiating team; Cairo businessman and Senior Advisor to Arafat; PA Minister of Planning and International Cooperation.  


Born in Nablus; lawyer; L.L.B. from Beirut University, 1971; member of the Executive Committee of the Council for Higher Education; in 1986, representaive of the Lawyers Union in Nablus; head of the Lawyer Bar Association in the West Bank since 1990; appointed by the PA to head the Nablus Municipality Council in October 1994.  



Palestinian religious leader; Muslim brother and preacher; born in 1937 in Ashqelon; refugee in Gaza since 1948; worked as teacher, preacher and community worker; completely paralyzed following an accident in his youth; founder of the Islamic Centre in Gaza in 1973 which soon controlled all religious institutions; creator, spiritual leader and key figure of HAMAS, the Islamic Resistance Movement in the OPT; detained since May 1989; believes that Palestine belongs to Islam and advocates an Islamic state in all of Palestine.




Surgeon, lecturer, Islamic University, Gaza. Member, Council for Higher Education, elected in 1990 chaiman of Arab Medical Association of Gaza.




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