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Born in 1912 in Nablus; engineer; mayor of Nablus 1951-55; contributed as such a lot to the city's development; Minister of Public Works and Economy in Jordan, 1955-57; member of Parliament in 1956.  


Cofounder (with Abdullah Rimawi and Abdullah Nawas) of the Baath Arab Party's branch in Ramallah (Renaissance Party) in 1952; active member of the PNC; member of PLO Executive Committee in the 1960s.  


Born in Abu Dis, Jerusalem; served in the British Police in 1926; participated in the Palestinian resistance movement under the leadership of Abdul-Qader al-Husseini in the 1940s; elected member of Jordanian parliament in the 1950s and its speaker in the 1970s.  


Head of the Jericho conference of December 1948 which called for the unification of West Bank and Jordan. Hold a seat in the upper chamber of the Jordan government in the 1950s; mayor of Hebron from 1948-76; proposed after the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in 1967 a transitional phase of 5 years with Israeli military redeployment after which Palestinians would exercise their right for self-determination; member of various Jordanian cabinets in the 1970s.  


Palestinian lawyer and left-wing politician from Jerusalem; member and representative of the Communist Party; in the early 1950s head of the refugee Congress in the 50's; from-1967-69 ineffectual head of the "collective leadership" of the PLO.  


KANA'AN, HAMDI TAHER (1910-1981)
Industrial entrepreneur and community leader; board member and Secretary-General of Nablus Chamber of Commerce (1950-65); member, Municipal Council (1951-69); Mayor of Nablus (1963-69). His distinguished leadership in early phase of the occupation was decisive in reversal of exodus of rural population from frontier villages of the Jenin, Tulkarm and Qalqiliah triangle, and in maintaining solidarity among West Bank mayors; his self-respectful and forthright style of dealing with the occupation authorities set an example which strengthened the mayor's resolve as elected community leaders, to stand up to the excesses of the occupation and express resistance to the various violations of Palestinian civil and human rights.  


KHALIL, SAMIHA (1923-1999)

Born in Anabta, Tulkarem; in the 1940s in Ashqalon; became refugee in 1948 (Gaza Strip); in 1952, left Gaza by boat to Beirut and returned to the West Bank; charity worker ever since; member of the PNC since 1965; alos since 1965, president of the Women's Federation Society, El-Bireh, of the Union for Voluntary Women's societies, and the General Union of Palestinian Women (GUPW); founder/ president of In'ash al-Usra Society since 1967. Died on the 26 of February, 1999.




Mayor of Jerusalem in the late 1950s; member of the Arab Socialist Party and Jordan's government in the early 1960s; Jordan's ambassador to Cairo in 1963 governor of Jerusalem (1967-1970s).



MASRI, HIKMAT (1906-1994)
Businessman from Nablus; military governor under Jordanian rule; elected as a member of Jordanian parliament and its speaker in the 1950s; member of various Jordanian cabinets and the chamber of deputies in the 1950s; elected to serve as PLO vice-president in 1964; lately head of board of trustees of An-Najah University in Nablus.  


Governor during the British Mandate; Minister of Foreign Affairs in Jordan; founder of Bir Zeit University.  


NUSSEIBEH, ANWAR (1913 -1986)
Nationalist and diplomat; from a sharifian landowning family from Jerusalem; Land Officer of Jerusalem in 1936; secretary of the Cabinet of the All-Palestine Government, established 1948 in Gaza; in 1950 elected Palestinian representative in the Jordanian parliament'a lower house (Chamber of Deputies); September 1952, appointed to the Jordanian Cabinet (Minister of Development and Reconstruction, later Minister of Defence and Education); appointed to the Senate by King Hussein in 1963; Jordan's ambassador to Britain; 1965 Governor of Jerusalem; died on 24 November 1986 in Jerusalem.  


AL-SABA'A, HASHEM (1905-1958)
Founder and chief editor of Al-Sarieh weekly newspaper; first Palestinian journalist renowned for his sardonic approach to reporting.  


SHUQEIRI, AHMAD (1907-1980)
Born in 1908 in Acre; studied at the Jerusalem Law School andthe American University of Beirut; in the early 1930s opposition leader in the north of Palestine; member of the Istiqlal Party; head of a Palestinian propaganda office in the USA in 1945 (later in Jerusalem); member of the Arab Higher Committee in 1946; member of the Syrian delegation to the United Nations 1949-50; assistant secretary general of the Arab League in charge of Palestinian affairs 1951-57; Saudi Arabian Minister of State for UN affairs and Ambassador to the UN 1957-62; in 1963 appointed by the Arab League as Palestinian representative to the Arab League (replacing Ahmad Hilmi who died); drew the first draft of the Palestinian National Charter which became the basic law for the establishment of the PLO; first President of the PLO (1964-67); formed the Palestinian Liberation Army; died in 1980 in Amman; published memoirs Forty Years of Arab and International Life (Beirut, 1969. In Arabic).
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