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Palestinian notable from Gaza; member of the 'ulama (religious notables); served for the Ottomans until World War I; director of waqf properties; Shari'a Court judge in Gaza; appointed member of the Supreme Muslim Council for Gaza and Southern Palestine in 1930; held this position until his death in Gaza in 1955.
Palestinian notable; landowner from Nablus, Arrabeh and Jenin; supported the Decentralization Party under Ottoman rule.  
Member of the Decentralization Party which demanded autonomy for the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire in 1912; belonged to the 1st Arab nationalist group, who were executed by the Ottomans in Damascus/Beirut in 1915.


Born in 1871; sheikh of tribe from the Beer Sheva, Negev and Gaza area; head of the tribal court in the Negev; took part in the Arab Revolt of 1916; first mayor of Beer Sheva in 1922; took refuge in Gaza after the 1948 war; owned much of the land; died in 1955.


AL-ALAMI, FAIDI (- 1924)
Mayor of Jerusalem 1906-09 and elected member of the "Administrative Council" for the sanjaq of Jerusalem in the Ottoman parliament, 1914-18.  
DAJANI, AREF (PASHA) (1856-1930)
Born in Jerusalem in 1856; mayor of Jerusalem during World War I; in 1918 representative to the Administrative Committee of the Muslim-Christian Association (MCA); became (January 1919) president of the MCA in Jerusalem and through the senior status of the association's Jerusalem branch, the MCA's overall president; under this presidency he initiated the First Palestinian National Congress in Jerusalem (1919), demanding an independent Palestinian government in federation with Syria and rejecting Zionist political claims; elected vice president of the congress' Executive Committee; one of the leaders of the movement `Palestine for the Palestinians' which emerged in 1919; elected representative to the 3rd (December 1920, Haifa) and 4th (May 1921, Jerusalem) Congress of the Arab Executive Committee for Jerusalem; elected vice-president at the 4th Congress; member of the Arab Executive until 1922; he and Ragheb Nashashibi in the early 1920s led the opposition before splitting in 1926/27.  


Born in 1842; Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1890s; headed a commission set up in Jerusalem in 1897 by local notables to examine land sales to Jews; under his presidency the commission succeeded and effectively stopped land sales in the Jerusalem area for the next few years; died in 1908; father of Haj Amin al-Husseini.  


AL-ISA, ISA DAOUD (1878-1950)
Born in Jaffa; journalist and poet; one of the pioneers of Arab Media in Palestine; co-founder (with his cousin Joseph) the bi-weekly Arabic newspaper Filastin in Jaffa in 1911; among those exiled during World War I; strongly opposed to the Zionist movement; chief of the royal court in Damascus during Amir Faisal's government where he used to stipulate that the Damascus newspaper publishers devote half the columns of their papers to the Palestinian cause before giving them their monthly allowance; elected to the 7th Congress of the Arab Executive Committee in June 1928 for Jaffa; member of the oppositional National Defense Party (mu'arada faction) in the Arab Executive Committee in 1932; known as moderate politician; headed several Arab Christian-Orthodox conferences in Palestine and TransJordan; His son Raja Al-Isa continued to publish the newapaper; died 29 June 1950 in Beirut.  


AL-KHALIDI, RUHI (1864-1913)

Born in 1864 in Jerusalem; writer and essayist; held many administrative posi tions during the Ottoman rule; studied Islamic sciences and philosophy in Paris; lecturer at Sorbonne University, Paris; scholar and teacher at the Institute for Foreign Languages in Paris; appointed Counsel General of the Ottoman Empire in Bordeaux, France, from 1898 to 1908; elected in Jerusalem to the Ottoman parliament in 1908 and 1912; representative of Jerusalem in the Ottoman parliament from 1911 until his death; in 1911 vicepresident of the parliament; lifelong active anti-Zionist; wrote one of the earliest fully detailed manuscripts on Zionist ideology and organization in Arabic; died on August 6, 1913 in Istanbul, Turkey.




Born in Jerusalem (1863); well educated in religion and religious law at Al-Azhar University, Cairo; appointed Chief Justice of the Shari'a Court of Appeal in 1921 (for 14 years); authority on calligraphy; author of several books; died in 1941 in Cairo.




Born in 1829 in Jerusalem; speaker of the Ottoman Parliament in 1876; various administrative and consular posts in the Ottoman Empire; lectured at the University of Vienna; governor of a Kurdish province; wrote the first Kurdish-Arabic dictionary; Ottoman vice consul at the Russian Black Sea port of Poti; elected representative of Jerusalem in the newly established Ottoman parliament in 1877 where he was an active member of the opposition; addressed a letter to Zadok Kahn (Chief Rabbi of France) in 1899 pointing out that Palestine could only be acquired by war; called on the Jews to leave Palestine alone; appointed mayor of Jerusalem in 1899; died in 1907.




Graduate of al-Azhar University, Cairo; school teacher; religious notable; active member of the Arab nationalist movement; responsible for the Sharia Court in Palestine; mayor of Ramleh (early 1920s until the end of World War II);died in Ramallah in 1950.



Born in Acre in 1860; graduate in religious law from al-Azhar University, Cairo; supporter of the unity of the Ottoman Empire; elected in Acre to the Ottoman parliament in 1908 and 1912; Acre District Deputy from 1912-14; held many positions in the Ottoman religious judiciary in Palestine; was librarian of the Imperial Library in Istanbul; member of the Shari'a Inquiries Court at Istanbul; appointed mufti of the fourth Ottoman Army in Syria - Palestine during World War I; founder of the Liberal Party (Hizb al-Ahrar) in 1930; became head of the Supreme Muslim Council during the British Mandate; was an active member and leader of the pro-mu'arada faction and became their pillar in the north of the country; father of Ahmad Shuqeiri who later became the first head of the PLO.  


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