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EL-WAZIR, KHALIL (Abu Jihad) (1935-1988)

Born on October 10, 1935; expelled in 1948 from Ramleh and fled to Gaza; became fedai in 1954; studied in Cairo in the 1950s; co-founder (with Arafat) of the first Fateh-cell in 1957; Fateh founding member in 1958/59; PLO/Fateh military chief since the 1960s; issued in Lebanon the clandestine Fateh magazine Filastinuna (January 1959); head of the first office opened by Fateh in Algeria, January 1963; played an instrumental role in the PLO's relations with a number of Arab states including Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia; contact person for the resistance deputy and his closest ally; assassinated in his house in Tunis by Israelis on April 16, 1988.

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