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Petroleum engineer; former member of the Baath party; early member of the PLO and Fateh; named as member to the PLO Executive Committee in 1969; PLO career spent as head of the political department; played a major role since the mid- 1970s developing contacts with the USA (which led to their recognition of the Palestinian right to self-determination) and European countries; gained the recognition of the PLO as sole representative of the Palestinians in many countries which resulted in the opening of PLO offices in European capitals and the granting of diplomatic status for its representatives; today PLO's official Foreign Minister and critic of the Oslo accords.




Born in Ladeqiya, Syria; Muslim preacher, religious teacher and social reformer with residence in Haifa; Muslim Brotherhood member; preached Jihad (holy war) and revolution against both the British and the Zionists; organiser and leader of the first Palestinian guerilla group, acting against British security forces while preaching in Hebron; killed in action (1st Palestinian guerilla act) against British forces on November 19, 1935; his martyrdom triggered the Great Revolt of 1936-39; today, the armed wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, is named after him.




Born in Deir Al-Ghussun near Tulkarem, 1948; studied Political Science at the American University in Cairo (BA, 1972), then Economics at Kansas State University, US, (MA, 1974), and Political Science at Missouri University (PhD, 1977); worked as Professor of Political Science at Jordan University (1978-79) but was fired for ‘security’ reasons; returned to the West Bank and became Professor of Political Science at An-Najah National University in Nablus since 1980; head of the Academic Group at An-Najah National University since 1980; has been jailed by Israel in 1981 and 1988 for his books, most of which were banned; activist in the first Intifada; also served a total of 32 weeks in Palestinian jails for his dissident views; put under house arrest and prohibited to travel for 20 years by the Israeli authorities for his political opinions; in 1995 he survived a gun attack - he believes by Palestinian security forces - with four bullets in his legs and hand; was arrested by PA security forces in 1999 after signing a petition complaining about corruption, but released several weeks later after protests from human rights groups; received an Abdul Hamid Shuman Award for Scientific Research and the post-doctoral “Professor” title; became the first person to announce that he would stand for the presidency against Yasser Arafat in May 2002; considered candidacy for the position of President of the PA in the 2005 PA elections but withdrew before the start of the campaign.



QREI'A, AHMAD (Abu Ala')

Born in Abu Dis, Jerusalem; member of the Central Committee of the Fateh movement since 1989; member of the PLO Central Council; member of the PNC; founder of Samed Institute in Beirut in the late 1970s; head of the PLO economic department in Tunis; Chief negotiator for the PLO during the secret talks with Israel in Norway in 1993; Minister of Economy in the PA; Secretary General of PECDAR.



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