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Emil Ghoury who was born in Jerusalem in 1907, graduated from St.George School in 1922 in Jerusalem and worked in his early day in Cook Tourist Agency for seven years, and as active young Christian, he was elected secretary for the Arab Orthodox Club in Jerusalem. He joined Cincinnati University in Ohio; M.A. graduate in 1933. He was the founder and chief editor of the English Weekly “Arab Federation” in Jerusalem which was closed by British administration after nine months of its publishing.In Autumn 1933, was elected member for the executive committee of the Palestinian Seventh conference. In 1934. he founded another weekly paper “The Youth” and the daily “Arab Unity” but both papers were closed by the British administration. In 1934, Email joined the Law school in Jerusalem and graduated as a Lawyer. In 1935, Emil was elected as General Secretary for the Palestinian Arab Party till the end of the British Mandate in 1947. The Party was headed by Jamal Husseni and considered as the Mufti’s party. In 1937, Emil was delegated by the Arab Higher Committee to establish the Palestinian Arab office for media in London. It was the first office of its kind ever founded. In 1938, the Arab Higher Committee delegated him for the Arab Parliaments conference in Cairo and many other activities in the region. In 1939, he toured the US for public support and went back to Cairo where he lived for four years. In 1945-1948, he was chief editor of the daily paper “Al-Wahda-the Unity”. In 1946, he was elected as a member in the Arab Higher Committee. In 1948, he was elected General Secretary to the PNC in Gaza. He was the author of many publications on Palestine..




AL-GHUSSEIN, YA'COB (1900-1947)

Born in 1899 in Ramleh; landowner; lawyer (graduated from Cambridge /U.K.); pro-Husseini; founder (1932) and president of the Arab Youth Congress Party, whose charter declared that the Arab World is an indivisible entity, that Palestine was part of that entity and that the Balfour declaration should be revoked; elected president of the First National Congress of Arab Youth, held in Jaffa, January 1932; member and representative of his party in the Arab Higher Committee since 1936; member of the Supreme Muslim Council in 1937; exiled on October 1, 1937 to the Seychelles Islands for being a member of the Arab Higher Committee which was dissolved by the British; member of the Palestinian delegation to the London Conference, St. James's Palace, February 1939; reconstituted his faction in 1945; died in Jerusalem on December 27, 1947.



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