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DAJANI, AREF (PASHA) (1856-1930)

Born in Jerusalem in 1856; mayor of Jerusalem during World War I; in 1918 representative to the Administrative Committee of the Muslim-Christian Association (MCA); became (January 1919) president of the MCA in Jerusalem and through the senior status of the association's Jerusalem branch, the MCA's overall president; under this presidency he initiated the First Palestinian National Congress in Jerusalem (1919), demanding an independent Palestinian government in federation with Syria and rejecting Zionist political claims; elected vice president of the congress' Executive Committee; one of the leaders of the movement `Palestine for the Palestinians' which emerged in 1919; elected representative to the 3rd (December 1920, Haifa) and 4th (May 1921, Jerusalem) Congress of the Arab Executive Committee for Jerusalem; elected vice-president at the 4th Congress; member of the Arab Executive until 1922; he and Ragheb Nashashibi in the early 1920s led the opposition before splitting in 1926/27. One of only three men on whom the Othoman State betowed the title of Pasha.




Journalist, lawyer and politician from Jerusalem; set up Muntada al-Adabi in 1919 and was its leader; also used a short-lived newspaper, "al-Quds ash-Sharif";among those who accepted the Balfour Declaration as an unchangeable fact but stipulated that Jewish immigration should be regulated; one of the founders of the Liberal Party (Hizb al-Ahrar) in 1930; member of the pro-mu'arada faction; secretary of the National Defense Party; legal counsel and head of the Arab Car Owner's & Driver's Association; declared a general strike of Arab transport facilities to protest against the British rule in 1936; was arrested by the British later that year; called for general strike in all sections of Palestine. He was murdered in 1938.




From Jaffa-was a member of the Higher Islamic Council. 'Abd Allah worked for the Judiciary during the Othoman era.




Engineer, writer and political commentator, co-founder of various Palestinian institutions: Council for Higher Education, National Guidance Committee. Member of board of Trustees, Bir Zeit University; published various studies on the question of development and housing.



DAOU'DI, AZIZ (1890-)

Born in Jeruslem in 1890; appointed as a Judge in Ramle Court; later a Judge in the District Court of Nablus; one of the famous cases he dealt with was the land property of the late Sultan Abdel Hamid in Palestine; considered one of the experts on land issues; his publications are considered major references on early land issues in Palestine.




Born in Nablus, 1887, to a middle-class family; served in the local Ottoman administration as clerk in the Department of Telegraphic and Postal Services in Nablus; director of al-Najah School in Nablus; among those who set up Al-Jam'iyya al-Filastiniyya (The Palestinian Society) in Damascus in 1919, whose aim was to promote the Palestinian cause and to enlist the support of the Arabs in Syria and Palestine; delegate for the Jamma'in district and secretary at the 1st Palestinian Arab Congress (Jerusalem, 1919), in favour of Palestinian unity with Syria; wrote anti-Zionist articles in the local press pointing out the catastrophic impact of Jewish immigration on the country and the threat that Zionism posed to Syria and the Arab world; rejected the mandate of any foreign power over Palestine; later secretary of Nadi al-Arabi; elected representative for Nablus to the 4th (May 1921, Jerusalem) and 7th (June 1928) Palestinian National Congress; member of the Arab Executive Committee; secretary of the Nablus MCA in the early 1930s; appointed General Administrator of the Waqf in the 1930s by the Supreme Muslim Council; member of the Istiqlal party.




Born in 1942; former Israeli citizen; received the International Lotus Prize for Poetry and the Lenin Peace Prize; trusted aide of Arafat; considered moderate in his political thinking; author of the text of the Declaration of Palestinian Independence (signed by the 19th PNC meeting in Algiers November 15, 1988); author of The Music of Human Flesh and Selected Poems of Mahmoud Darwish (London: Heinemann, 1980), and others.



DI'MES, WADIE (1909- )

Born in 1900, in Bethlehem. Studied in the United States. He was a member of the Jordanian Council, while he was Mayor of Laromana in the Dominican Republic, South America. Editor in Chief of a weekly cultural and political newspaper in Laromana, "Laprovencia". From 1944 to 1957, he was the Mayor of Bethlehem. Mr. Di'mes stayed a member the Jordanian Council from 20/4/1950 until 3/5/1951. He was elected to the Parliament several times, and was a member of this council from 21/1/1958 until 1/11/1959.



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