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by PASSIA Research Staff


December 1996, (English Pp. 360)

This compilation of documents, statements and other resources is intended to provide for researchers and anyone else interested in the issue of Jerusalem a comprehensive resource work of the different attitudes towards Jerusalem as they have evolved throughout history. The aim is to give an overview of the general positions of the different parties involved; therefore, the full texts or extracts related to the issue of Jerusalem of more than 340 statements, documents and resolutions concerning the question of Jerusalem are arranged by their source of origin (e.g. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Palestinian, Israeli, Arab, US, UN, and European positions). The document section is preceded by an introduction (by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, head of PASSIA) that offers a brief overview of the status and historical evolution of the Jerusalem question. The book also includes an index, listing all documentary entries in chronological order, i.e., by the date of their original appearance. The document section is followed by a comprehensive chronology of Jerusalem's history from ancient times until today. The last two sections provide a selected bibliography on the topic of Jerusalem and a few maps.

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