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HAMAS From Resistance to Government?

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By Paola Caridi
320 Pages
Feb. 2010.

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ISBN: 978-9950-305-34-2

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Arabic - French




Translator’s note


Emotional Prologue

The Number 19 Bus
Faiqa’s Pilgrimage

Chapter 1. Between Welfare and Resistance

Welcome to Hamastan
From Nakba to Politics
The Universities of the Revolt
It all Started in Gaza. A Coincidence?

Chapter 2. Snapshots from Hamas’ World

The Orphans of Al-Salah
Of Music, Films and Stereotypes
Hijab and Politics

Chapter 3. Consolidation

The Charter is not the Qur’an
…And Insiders

Chapter 4. From the Sheikh in the Hiding to the Human Bomb

A Preacher in the Workers’ Mosque
Baruch’s Footsteps
The Lost Generation
Hudna, Tahdi’ah, Truces

Chapter 5. The March Watershed

The Turning Point
A Silent Presence

Chapter 6. Abul Abed’s Double-Breasted Suit

The Day that Shook the PNA
Hamas vs. Fatah
Swords into Government

Chapter 7. Hamas vs. Fatah

Prison Diplomacy
The Three-Month Adventure
The ‘Second Liberation’
Governing the Strip
From Resistance to Government?

Epilogue - The Road Ahead

Addendum to the English Edition

Dramatis Personae

Glossary of Arabic Terms

List of Acronyms and Abbreviations






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