Europe and the Middle East: Dialogue for Future Oriented Cooperation
16-18 January. Kronberg, Germany.
Organized by: Bertelsmann Foundation.
Preparatory Workshop on the Reconstruction of Palestine
23-26 January. Cairo.
Organized by: Welfare Association.
Second Workshop on the Reconstruction of Palestine
16-18 February. Amman.
Organized by:
Welfare Association.
Real Peace Demands Removal of the Settlements
17 February.
Organized by:
Land and Water Establishment/ Alternative Information Centre.
Salzburg Seminar: The European Union After 1996
18-25 March. Salzburg, Austria.
The Resolution of Intractable Conflicts: The Israeli-Palestinian and South African Experiences
19-21 March. Tami Steinmetz Centre for Peace Research, Tel Aviv University.
The Independence of the Judiciary in the Transitional Phase
16 March. AMIDEAST.
Organized by:
Rishad Shawa Centre, Gaza.
Settlements and the Challenges to Peace
24 March. Ambassador Hotel, Jerusalem.
Organized by:
Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre.
Canadian-Palestinian Networking and Partnership - the Next Step?
27-28 March. Holy Land Hotel, Jerusalem.
Organized by:
Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO); Canadian-Palestinian Studies Association (CPSA); Centre d'Etudes Arabes Pour la Développement (CEAD).
Mediterranean Study Commission (MeSCo) Annual Meeting: Cooperation of the Mediterranean Countries
29 March-1 April. Alexandria.
Organized by:
al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies.
A Future Perspective of Palestinian Higher Education
3-4 April. Birzeit University.
Organized by:
Council for Higher Education.
Workshop on Refugees
1 May. Palestinian Diaspora and Refugee Centre - Shamil Ramallah.
Preparatory Conference for the 12th UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine
18-19 May. Ambassador Hotel, Jerusalem.
Organized by:
Voice of NGOs in Palestine.
Future Legisalation Governing Non-Governmental Institutions
29 May. Ambassador Hotel, Jerusalem.
Organized by:
Palestinian NGO Network.
The Current Status of Jerusalem and the Future of the Peace Process
15-16 June.
Organized by:
International Campaign for Jerusalem, SOAS, the Geopolitics Centre, London.
After Oslo: Israeli-Jordanian Relations and the Future
21-23 June. Amman.
Organized by:
International Institute for Strategic Studies, London.
Israeli Settlements
29 June. Hyatt Regency Hotel, Jerusalem.
Organized by:
American Jewish Committee.
Washington Institute for Near East Policy Conference
9-11 September. Amman.
Organized by:
Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
Workshop on the Proposed Political Parties Law
23 September. al-Bireh.
Organized by:
PA Ministry of Information.
Policy Research Priorities in Palestine
25 September 1995. Cairo.
Organized by:
Ford Foundation/ International Development Research Centre (IDRC - Canada).
Palestinian NGO Network meeting 2
27 October.
Organized by:
Popular Arts Centre, al-Bireh.
Rebuilding Palestine
7-9 November. Cairo.
Organized by:
League of Arab States/Welfare Association.
Preliminaries to a Conference on Security and Cooperation in the Middle Eats and North Africa
14-16 November. Rome.
Organized by:
Bertelsmann Foundation.
Workshop on Refugees
18 November.
Organized by:
Shamil- Palestinian Diaspora and Research Centre.
The Peace Process after Rabin
21 November. al-Bireh Municipality.
Organized by:
PA Ministry of Information.
The Crisis of the Palestinian Political Party in the Transitional Phase
24 November. Ramallah.
Organized by:
Muwatin- Palestinian Centre for the Study of Democracy.
30 November. Seven Arches Hotel, Jerusalem .
Organized by:
Arab Tourist Association.
Israeli Settlements
1-2 December. Taba.
Organized by:
Israel-Palestine Centre for Research and Information.
The Elections for the Palestinian Council and the Head of the Palestinian Executive Authority
12 December.
Organized by:
Freedom Defence Centre.
Israeli-German Relations
27-28 December.
Organized by:
Institute of German History, Tel Aviv University.

PASSIA was also invited to attend other conferences, but was unable to do so