Twenty-Five Years under Israeli Occupation. The Status of Health, Education, Land and Water in the Syrian Golan Heights.
19th February. National Palace Hotel, Jerusalem
Organized by: The Arab Association for Development in co-operation with The Bisan Centre for Research and Development.

Conflict Resolution.
22nd February. Bethlehem University, Bethlehem.
Organized by: The Initiative for Peace and Co-operation in the Middle East.

Political Change and the NGO role.
February 26th-27th. Tantur Ecumenical Centre, Bethlehem.
Organized by: AIVA: The Association of International Voluntary Agencies.

Symposium on the Peace Process. "Autonomy: An Essential Stage or a Dead End?"
5th May. Notre Dame Lecture Hall, Jerusalem.
Organized by: The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.
19th May. An-Najah National University, Nablus.

Mid Level Management.
24th-28th May. Birzeit University, West Bank.
US Team Speakers: Tom David, Jack Vincent, Sonny Smith.

The Preservation of Palestinian Heritage.
23rd- 24th June. Birzeit University, West Bank.
Organized by: National Campaign for the Preservation of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage.

25th Annual Convention of the United Holy Land Fund.
June 25th -27th.
Organized by: The Palestinian National Theatre & the National Palace Hotel .

Palestine, the Arab World and the Emerging International System: Values Culture and Politics.
5th-9th July. Birzeit University, West Bank; Al-Najah University, Nablus
Organized by: The Association of Arab-American University Graduates.

The First Palestinian Conference on Democracy: "Towards a Democratic Society."
2nd-5th September. BirZeit University & Haj Rashid Shawa Cultural Centre, Gaza City.
Organized by: Panorama - Centre for the Dissemination of Alternative Information.

"GAZA-JERICHO FIRST" Implications and Ramifications. (Seminar)
13th September. Notre Dame Centre, Jerusalem
Organized by: The Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information (I.P.C.R.I.); Co-sponsored by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Royal College of Defence Studies, Middle East Tour 1993.
22nd September 1993. Orient House, Jerusalem.
Organized by: Consulate of the United Kingdom, Jerusalem.

Relations between Europe and the Middle East.
6th-9th November. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Organized by: The Hebrew University, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs & The International Support Committee of the Institute for European Studies at the Hebrew University.

Islam and Human Rights.
18th November. The National Palace Hotel, Jerusalem
Organized by: Palestinian School of Law - Human Rights Center, Jerusalem.

"Security Arrangements." Meeting with Mrs. Elizabeth Rehn-Minister of Defence, Finland.
December 7th 1993. Orient House, Jerusalem

"The Three Monotheistic Faiths." Meeting with the inter-religious delegation to the Middle East.
December 9th 1993. Orient House, Jerusalem

The Palestinian-Israeli Declaration of Principles: Current and Future Prospects.
December 17th 1993. Birzeit University, West Bank.

Reception held on the return to Jerusalem of Mr. Afif Safieh.
22nd December. The Ambassador Hotel, Jerusalem.
Organized by: PASSIA.

PASSIA was also invited to attend other conferences, but was unable to do so