1992 Regional Security Conference: The Persian Gulf, the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Middle East Security Istanbul
7-10 June 1992. London.
Organized by: International Institute for Strategic Studies, London.

U.K. Presidency of the European Community
7 September 1992. London.
Organized by: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, .

Intifada and the Peace Process
8 September 1992. Chatham House, London.
Organized by: The Royal Institute for International Affairs.

Security Issues at Stake in the Plans for Palestinian Autonomy
9 September 1992. London,
Organized by: The Royal Services Institute for Defence Studies.

Required Strategies for Muslims in the New World Order
29 November 1992 . The Commonwealth Institute, London,
Organized by: The Islamic Council of the U.K..

The Palestinian Struggle for Independence and the Peace Process
1 December 1992. House of Commons, London,
Organized by: The Joint Committee for Palestine.

PASSIA was also invited to attend the following conferences, seminars and workshops, but was unable to do so.
  • 27 April 1992
    • Challenges for the Nineties
    • Washington, D.C.,
    • Organized by: The Washington Institute Islam and the U.S.
  • 14 September 1992
    • Cooperation and Security in Europe: the Mediterranean and the Balkans
    • Halki, Greece,
    • Organised by: The Hellenic Foundation for Defence and Foreign Policy
  • 24-27 September 1992
    • Democratic Challenge in the Arab World
    • Cairo,
    • Organised by:Centre for Political and International Development Studies, Cairo