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 All conferences were attended by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of PASSIA



29-30 November 2010, Kenyon Institute-Jerusalem.
Topic: (De)Development Under Prolonged Occupation.
Organizer:Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL.)




20 October 2010, Dubai.
Topic: Jerusalem in Dubai.
Program: Click here

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2-3 October 2010, Amman, Jordan.
Organizer: Jerusalem Committee - Amman.
Topic: Jerusalem and the Challenges of Zionist Extremist
Program: Page1, Page2.




2 July 2010, Paris, France.
Topic: Between Pessimism and Optimism: EU Policy Options Across Scenarios.
Organizer: The European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS)
Program: Click here to download


4-6 March 2010, Cairo, Egypt.
Organizer: Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue.
(1)- Dialogue program with World Council of Churches
(2)- Program on Jerusalem (24-27 October, 2010)
(3)- Muslim-Christian Relations: The case of Egypt
(4)- Muslim-Christian Relations: The case of Lebanon


20 شباط 2010، مقر جامعة الدول العربية – القاهرة
الموضوع: اجتماع مجلس أمناء مؤسسة ياسر عرفات
الحضور: أعضاء مجلس أمناء المؤسسة.
أهم القرارات: وافق السيد عمرو موسى أمين عام جامعة الدول العربية على تعيين (مفوض لشؤون القدس) في جامعة الدول العربية بناء على طلب مجلس أمناء مؤسسة ياسر عرفات ورفع هذا القرار إلى مؤتمر القمة العربي القادم والذي سيعقد في آذار مارس 2010 في ليبيا بغاية اعتماده وتنفيذه.

20 February 2010, Arab League Offices in Cairo
Topic: Yasser Arafat Foundation, Third Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Participants: Members of the Board of Yasser Arafat Foundation.
Main Resolutions: Amr Musa, Secretary General of the Arab League, agreed to appoint a Commissioner for Jerusalem Affairs for the Arab League in Cairo and forward this proposal to the Arab summit meeting to be held in Libya in March 2010.







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