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29-31 January, Palermo, Italy
International Conference on the Status of Jerusalem

Organized by: A Plarform of Italian NGO for Palestine within the activities of the Campaign of Development Education and among the celebrations for Betlemme 2000 promoted by the Municipal Administration of Palermo.(Apologized)

6 February 2001, Grand Park Hotel, Ramallah
Poverty in the West Bank and Gaza

A presentation organized by the World Bank, attended by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi and Deniz Altayli.

21-24 February 2001, Notre Dame Centre, Jerusalem
Sabeel's Alternative Assembly: Speaking Truth, Seeking Justice
Organized by: Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre, Jerusalem

25-26 February, Paris
The European Union and the Middle East: How to Revive the Peace Process

Organized by: Western European Union: Institute for Security Studies, Paris
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25-26 February, The Dead Sea Movenpick Resort and Spa, Jordan
The Middle East: Alternatives for the Future
Organized by: The Jordan Institute of Diplomacy, Amman

27-29 March 2001, Cairo, Egypt
Promoting Regional Security in the Middle East

Organized by: The UCLA's Burkle Center for International Relations, University of California, Los Angeles, USA.

6-9 May 2001, Germany
Lecture Tour of Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Germany (organized by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES):

7 May 2001, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Berlin

- Meeting with Dr. Volker Perthes and SWP Researchers.

- Deutsche Parliamentarische Gesellschaft (German Parliamentarian Society), Berlin
Lunch with Dagmar Schmidt, Member of German Bundestag, and Dr. Werner Puschra, Dept. of Near and Middle East, FES, Bonn.

- Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Berlin
Lecture at Colloquium with the Near East Discussion Forum of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik on 'The Future of Israeli-Palestinian Relations'.

8 May 2001, Zentrum für Türkeistudien (Center for Turkish Studies), Berlin.

- Roundtable Discussion with representatives of the Turkish community and Turkish press.

- Deutsches Orient-Institut (German Orient Institute),Hamburg
Discussion with Prof. Udo Steinbach, Director, German Orient-Institute.

- Landeszentrale für politische Bildung (Centrum for Political Education), Hamburg
Talk on 'The Jerusalem Question and the Future of Israeli-Palestinian Relations'

9 May 2001, University of Mainz

- Roundtable with Members of DAVO (German Middle East Association for Contemporary Research and Documentation) on 'The Future of the Israeli-Palestinian Relations'

17 May 2001, Ramallah
Workshop - Coordination and Cooperation between NGOs in Palestine and their Relations with the Palestinian Authority and Donor Countries

Organized by: Palestinian Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS), Ramallah, in cooperation with the Welfare Association Consortium (PNGO World Bank-funded project)
Participants: Representatives from the PNGO network, Union of Charitable Societies, PA Ministries and Ma'an Institute in Ramallah
Attended by: Iyad Qadi

12-13 June 2001
Reconciliation and the Current conflict
Discution organized at the sidelines of the conference on reconciliation by: The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem

13-14 June 2001, Ramallah
Topic: Palestinian Return Migration: Socio-Economic and Cultural Approaches
Organized by:
The Palestinian Diaspora and Refugee Center (Shaml), Ramallah and Meawards (Population Council, Cairo)
Main Speakers:
Barbara Ibrahim, Regional Director, Population Council
Dr. As'ad Abdel Rahman, Shaml
Benoit Challand, European University Institute
Rania Urabi, Montreal University
Rabab Abdel Hadi, sociologist, American University in Cairo
Rina Isotalo, Anthropologist, Helsinki University, Finland
Tamara Tamimi, Anthropologist, Binghamton University, USA
Daoud Barakat, Refugee Affairs Department, PLO
Salim Tamari, Center for Jerusalem Studies
Terry Rempel, researcher, Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights
Mohammad Al Mbaid, Tamkeen Project
Sharif Kana'nah, Anthropologist, Birzeit University
Walid Salem, researcher, Panorama Center, Jerusalem
Najeh Jarar, Sociologist, Najah University, Nablus
Attended by: Iyad Qadi

18 June 2001, Brussels
Joint meeting of EuroMeSCo Senior Officials

Discussion: The role of civil society within the Barcelona Process
Hosted by: The Swedish Presidency of the European Union and organized in collaboration with the EuroMeSCo secretariat at the IEEI, Lisbon and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs in Stockholm
Attended by: Representatives from the Swedish Presidency, the general secretariat, the European Commission and officials from partners countries including Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, PASSIA, Jerusalem
Purpose of the conference: To investigate how the objectives of the political dimension of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership can be fostered to promote the concept of civil society between the two sides of the Mediterranean
Two sessions chaired by: Lars Bjarme, Senior Official, Sweden, EU Presidency and Alvaro de Vasconcelos, IEEI, EuroMeSCo Secretariat
Topics and Speakers:
-The contribution of civil society towards the goals of the EMP (Volker Perthes, SWP, Berlin and a Moroccan senior official)

-EuroMeSCo standing recommendations on governance, transparency, accountability, rule of law and investment and development (Abdel Monem Said Ali, ACPSS in Cairo and Francesco Cerulli, senior official, Italy)
Comments made by:
Mahdi Abdul Hadi, PASSIA, Jerusalem
Ambassador Dionysios, Lelos Greece
Ambassador Alfred Zarb, Malta
Ghalib Al Shawabkeh, Jordan
Bichara Khader, CERMAC, Louvain

19 June 2001, Brussels
Senior Officials Meeting
Presentation of the EuroMeSCo Working Program
Introductory speech: European Union Presidency
General Presentation of EuroMeSCo's first year priorities: Alvaro Vasconcelos, Secretariat
Topics and Speakers:
-European defense and security policy, Alvaro Vasconcelos, IEEI
-Definitions for Euro-Mediterranean security in light of the Charter, Roberto Aliboni, IAI
- Sub-regional cooperation, c/o Alvaro Vasconcelos, IEEI
- Civil society, Mahdi Abdul Hadi, PASSIA
- The Barcelona third basket and the EMP, Abdel Monem Said Ali, ACPSS

8 July, 2001, Al-Ram, Jerusalem
Palestinian and Israeli Academics, Writers and Public Figures Discuss the Current Situation

Encounter Organized by: Yasser Abed Rabbo, Hanan Ashrawi, Yossi Beilin
Participants: Palestinian Side: Yasser Abed Rabbo, Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Hanan Ashrawi, Hafez Barghouti, Samir Huleileh, Samir Abdullah, Islah Jad, Salim Tamari, Albert Aghazarian, Samieh Shbeib, Mohammed Shtayyeh, Gabi Baramki, Sulaiman Mansour, Tayseer Arouri, Ahmad Magdalani, Nazmi Al-Jubeh, Saman Khoury, Isam Bader.
Participants: Israeli Side: Yossi Beilin, Ron Pundak, Emmanuel Sivan, David Grossman, Menachem Klein, Akiva Eldar, Tzally Reshef, Amos Oz, A.B. Yehoshua, Yair Tzaban, Chaim Oron, Nissim Kalderon, Galia Golan, Moshe Kleinberg, Aviad Kleinberg, Dan Jacobson, Arie Arnon, Yuli Tamir, Ephraim Kleiman.

17-18 July 2001, Madrid
The Road to Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Organized by: United Nations International Meeting on the Question of Palestine, Madrid
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15-18 October 2001, Prague Castle, Czech Republic
5th Annual Forum 2000 Conference: "Human Rights and Search for Global Responsibility"
Organized by: The Forum 2000 Foundation under the auspices of the Czech President Vaclav Havel.


Rabbi Albert Friedlander:

Dean of the London Rabbinical Seminary Leo Baeck College, Vice President of the World Union of Progressive Judaism, Associate President of the Conference of Christians and Jews, and Emeritus Rabbi of the Westminster Synagogue in London.

HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal:

Chairman of the Arab Thought Forum, President of the Club of Rome and Moderator of the World Conference on Religion and Peace, Amman.

Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi:

Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs, Jerusalem.

Dr. Manuel Hassassian:

Executive Vice President, Bethlehem University, Bethlehem.

Dr. Rosemary Hollis:

Head of Middle East Program at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House).

Frederik W. de Klerk:

Former President of South Africa.

Prof. Ludger Kiihnhardt:

Director of the Center for European Integration Studies, Bonn.

Ondrej Liska:

Forum 2000 Foundation, Czech Republic.

Shimon Peres:

Minister of Foreign Affairs in Israel.

Gilead Sher:

former Prime Minister's Bureau Chief and Policy Coordinator; Chief Negotiator, delegate and PM Barak's special envoy (1999-2001) in Camp-David, Taba, and the back-track negotiations, Jerusalem.

Prince Karel Schwarzenberg:

special representative of the Czech President, Czech Republic.

Ivo Silhavy:

Office of the President, Czech Republic

Matti Wuori:

Rapporteur for Human Rights in the World of the European Parliament, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the EP.

Special Guests:

Vaclav Havel:

President of Czech Republic

Yohei Sasakawa:

President of the Nippon Foundation

Chairman's Concluding Remarks on the Closed Middle East Sessions ]
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26-28 October 2001, Seoul, Korea
10th International Conference of KAMES (Korean Association of the Middle East Studies)
Organized by: Korean Association of the Middle East Studies, Seoul, Korea.
[ Korean Press on the Conference ]
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8-9 November 2001, Lisbon, Portugal
19th International Lisbon conference on:
"Europe, the US and the Mediterranean in the Aftermath of 11 September: Identity, Fundemental Values, and Security"
Organized by: Institute of Strategic and International Studies (IEEI), Lisbon, Portugal.

9-11 November 2001, Oxford, UK.
Ditchley Park Conference on:
"The United States and the Islamic World"
Organized by: Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford, UK.
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15-17 December 2001, Berlin, Germany
"Civil Society and Good Governance in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership"
(EuroMeSCo working group and Directors' meetings)
Organized by: Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (German Institute for International and Security Affairs), Germany.

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