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Article by Dr. Mahdi Abdul-Hadi

This selection attempts by no means to offer a comprehensive coverage of the many articles dealing with the Palestian Question and the Middle East but are, as we belive, a few picks of worthwhile reading. However, the articles listed below do not necessarily represent the viewpoint of PASSIA.

فلسطين: الحقوق المسلوبة والصمت العربي 
الأمير حسن بن طلال
3 January 2007



أرجوكم ............... 
Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi
28 December 2006

Hostage to 9/11
Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi
11 September 2006

Be Grateful that Exasperation has not Stifled Moderates
Prince El-Hassan bin Talal
25 Aug. 2006

الشأن الفلسطيني - أفكار وطروحات
الأمير حسن بن طلال
7 July 2006

Europe's response to the siege of Gaza is shameful
Jonathan Steele,
6 July 2006

Crushing Hamas
Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi,
3 July 2006



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