PASSIA STANDARDS Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs   (PASSIA)


Since PASSIA's foundation in 1987, the annual Research Studies Program has compiled over 14 years of experience in academic research, documentation, and publishing.

In an effort to provide background information, in-depth studies and documentation of key issues while promoting a better understanding of the Palestinian cause, PASSIA aims to ensure the following:

  1. All research is specialized, scientific and objective.

  2. Program objectives allow for academic freedom, reflecting the plurality of perspective and methodology among researchers.

  3. A committee composed of outside reviewers and PASSIA staff reviews research proposals. This committee applies the above criteria throughout the review and selection process.

  4. Authors of selected research proposals must submit a list of contents and an abstract/summary for each chapter within an agreed upon time, not exceeding two weeks from the date upon which a contract with PASSIA has been signed. The period for submission of the final draft of the research paper shall not exceed 10 months, with an additional two months for editing and final review and changes.

  5. Researchers under contract with PASSIA are expected to submit a research paper as an academic study documented with footnotes and reference sources, supported, where appropriate, with graphs, illustrations, appendices etc., and acknowledging all materials used.

  6. The researcher is responsible to review and comment on suggested textual edits following the first draft printing at PASSIA. Information, thoughts, ideas and analysis included in the research paper represent the free expression of the researcher and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of PASSIA. The researcher is solely responsible for content and explanation.

  7. The researcher honorarium/allowance as agreed upon and laid down in the contract is paid as follows: 30% on submission of the contents/summary and 70% on completion and approval of the research paper by the PASSIA Academic Committee.

  8. All rights to print and publish the research paper are reserved by PASSIA. All rights to reprint or republish all or part of the above mentioned paper in PASSIA periodicals or annual programs are reserved by PASSIA.

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